65% discounts at Haidilao as AI robots take over HDL Northshore Plaza

Haidilao Hot Pot has already earned the “friendliest” tag with its courteous service but it is now going for “smartest”, too. Just in time for HDL’s 10th anniversary, the chain has unveiled a futuristic AI-powered, robot-staffed kitchen at Haidilao Northshore Plaza. We were there to experience it first-hand.

Haidilao Northshore Plaza - exterior
Haidilao Northshore Plaza - exterior

Even at the entrance, you can tell that this is not just another Haidilao. A glass panel gives you a blue-hued view of a scene where science meets food.

Haidilao Northshore Plaza - kitchen
Haidilao Northshore Plaza - kitchen

In parts of this kitchen, the temperature is maintained at between 0⁰C and 4⁰C. While this keeps the food fresh so that it tastes better, the cold makes it practically impossible for human staff to work inside. This is where the Intelligent Food Warehouse steps in.

An RFID inventory tracking system monitors expiration dates of each pre-packaged serving.

Haidilao Northshore Plaza - robot working
Haidilao Northshore Plaza - robot working

When an order is received at Haidilao Northshore Plaza, the AI-powered robotic arms take over, placing the right refrigerated tray on the right conveyor. They control the flow of every order, tracking it using QR codes on each plate as it moves from shelf to preparation area to the serving robots.

Haidilao Northshore Plaza - robots
Haidilao Northshore Plaza - robots

Even soup orders are handled by the robots. Customise yours exactly to your liking by taste and flavour on a gauge of 1-100% or opt for less salt and oil;  the arms will do all that and remove sediment automatically, too.

Haidilao Northshore Plaza - control centre
Haidilao Northshore Plaza - control centre

These processes are designed to minimise human intervention in the food preparation stage. They also accelerate the process and make it more hygienic and efficient. A team of human workers makes a final check on the accuracy of the orders and makes a final quality check before orders are delivered to each table.

To thank Singapore for 10 years of patronage, Haidilao has announced that some of its best-selling full platters will be available for just S$10 so you save up to 65%! This offer is available across the island for a limited period so here is the timetable to help you decide when to indulge.

Promo Period


31 Oct to 6 Nov

Aussie Lamb Shoulder & Signature Mashed Prawn Paste

7 to 13 Nov

Iberico Pork & Haidilao Flavored Beef

14 to 20 Nov

Squid Balls In Ink Sauce & US Beef

21 to 27 Nov

Sliced Fish, Pork Jowl

28 Nov to 4 Dec

Pork Belly Rolls & Beef short plate


You can find more details about the promotions here. Be sure to check out Haidilao Northshore Plaza for this one-of-a-kind experience!

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