6 ways to look like you have more hair for men in Singapore

Both men and women alike fear hair loss. After all, our hair is our crowning glory.

Though both genders can experience hair loss, men are more susceptible to hair loss and balding due to DHT – a byproduct of testosterone that shrinks hair follicles, making it difficult for healthy hair to live.

Whatever the underlying cause may be, if thinning hair is a concern for you, we’ve got those bald spots covered with these tips to make you look like you have a fuller head of hair …

1. Get a good haircut regularly

Men’s Haircut by Kenaris Hair Salon

A lot of men facing hair loss issues tend to keep their hair long to conceal thinning hair. Ironically, longer hair tends to look limp and actually exacerbates the hair loss problem by pulling on your already weak hair follicles.

The solution is an easy one – keeping your hair short will not only help you to look more presentable and stylish, it also takes the attention away from the areas with less hair as the right haircut conceals problem areas with an illusion of fuller and thicker hair.

2. Style your hair

A great haircut is the first step to making your hair look voluminous but styling can go a long way to help your hair achieve even more volume.

Sure it takes a little more time getting ready but it’s worth the effort and is an inexpensive solution make your thinning hair appear fuller. All you need is a little way, a good hair brush, and a blowdryer.

Men’s Haircut and Colour by J7Image Hair Salon

Ken from Evolve Salon shared that the best way to achieve more volume is to blow-dry your hair by using your fingers or a brush to run through your hair from down to up. For those skilled with blow-drying, you can even work a voluminous mousse into damp hair for maximum thickness and control.

Stay away from heavy or oil based products that weigh hair down. Finish hair with a hairspray to set your hairstyle through the day. Ken also suggests asking your hairstylist to show you how to style your new look and carefully watch how they apply the product for maximum effectiveness.

3. Getting a perm

Men’s Perm by Follicle Hair Salon

Curls have always made hair seem thicker and fuller regardless whether you are male or female. The latest trend in men’s hairstyles is to get a men’s perm. It is extremely popular not only because of the trendy Korean Wave but also because it makes you look like you have more hair!

Men’s Perm at HARTS Salon

Noel from HARTS Salon shares that Asian men tend to have hair that looks thin as they are more likely to have stubborn straight hair which gives the appearance that like it lacks volume.

Hence, curling it after a good cut will naturally make it look more texturised and voluminous. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to resolve to a Phua Chu Kang perm. There are various types of perms available, so just speak to your stylist about your concerns and the desired look you wish to achieve.

4. Reduce oiliness

Kerastase Scalp Treatment at Picasso Hair Studio

Oily hair and scalp are often reasons why your hair lacks volume. When your scalp is oily, it attracts bacteria and dirt, resulting in dandruff. This, in turn, affects healthy hair growth and eventually leads to thinning hair or hair loss. Going for regular scalp treatments can alleviate the problem, slow down hair loss and aide in thickening the hair.

5. Consider a hair transplant

The first thought that comes to mind when thinking of hair transplant is the process of taking someone else’s hair and implanting into your own scalp. Well, that’s what we thought about hair transplant at first, too. But fear not, that’s not it.

Hair transplant is the process of retrieving hair from other denser parts of your scalp (e.g. hair from the back) and implanting it into the parts of your scalp that are experiencing hair loss. If successfully implanted, the hair will actually grow as per normal in their new areas. It is, however, a pricey procedure and only available at selected hair clinics such as Follicle.

6. Tattoo your hairline

Tried everything and major hair loss is still a concern of yours? Perhaps going bald and tattooing a new hairline is a better alternative. And if you think a tattooed hairline is going to get in the way of you looking good, the guy in the video above proves otherwise! For those interested, we hear that hairline tattoo is available at LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon by celebrity Korean designer Director Kim Eun-sung.