This 53-day Cruise Sails Across the Pacific Ocean and Back — With an Incredible 3 Weeks in Japan

The newly announced Holland America Line cruise leaves from Seattle and visits 13 exceptional destinations in Japan before returning to the U.S.

<p>Courtesy of Holland America Line</p>

Courtesy of Holland America Line

On Sept. 1, 2024, you’ll be able to sail to Japan on a 53-day cruise. The Majestic Japan journey is Holland America Line’s newest itinerary in the cruise line’s Legendary Voyages program, which takes guests on extended cruises ranging from 25 to 59 days. (The Legendary Voyages program launched to honor Holland America’s 150th anniversary this year.)

And, you don’t even have to fly to Japan to get there.

The “Majestic Japan” itinerary starts and ends in Seattle. From the Pacific Northwest, the ship, Westerdam, sails to Vancouver and Alaska’s Aleutian Islands before heading down to Japan. Once in Japan, you’ll spend 20 days visiting 13 ports. It covers every part of the country, including Hokkaido as the first stop.

<p>Luciano Mortula/Courtesy of Holland America Line</p>

Luciano Mortula/Courtesy of Holland America Line

First, the cruise travels through the north and mountainous regions, heading up the east coast (as far north as Toyama) and stopping in Kobe and Yokohama. Since it’s a September cruise, the leaves in the high country will be turning to their brilliant fall colors, and the weather will be temperate and comfortable for all the itinerary’s outdoor excursions.

On the south end of the country, passengers will stop in Nagasaki, Ishigaki, and Naha, then sail by Iwo Jima and Midway — two destinations of particular importance in World War II history.

<p>Courtesy of Holland America Line</p>

Courtesy of Holland America Line

Other Japanese ports on the cruise include Kushiro, Hakodate, Kochi, Hiroshima, Kanmon Strait, Fukuoka, Sakaiminato, and Kanazawa.

“Guests will find a good balance of full-day port visits, overnights, as well as scenic cruising,” said Paul Grigsby, the vice president of deployment and itinerary planning at Holland America Line.

On the way back to Seattle, the cruise spends three days in Hawaii.

According to research done by Holland America, the cruise line’s customers are increasingly interested in longer cruises with more immersive experiences. This Japan itinerary was created with that in mind.

<p>Alan LAW/Adobe Stock/Courtesy of Holland America Line</p>

Alan LAW/Adobe Stock/Courtesy of Holland America Line

“Consistently, Japan rates as one of the most desirable Asian cruise destinations,” Grigsby said. “Majestic Japan allows us to offer Japan ‘from your doorstep’ with no more than a domestic air flight to and from Seattle. Because we can linger on our way, we have chosen to visit some of the best ports in Alaska, including Kodiak and Dutch Harbor, before landing at Kushiro, Hokkaido.”

Aside from, you know, all the time you get to spend in Japan and on a cruise ship, the itinerary has two major things going for it. First, it’s one of the longest Japan itineraries on a major cruise line, with nearly three weeks in Japan. Second, Grigsby says, “we are not aware of any major cruise line that has an immersive voyage like this sailing round-trip from the United States.”

Right now, the Majestic Japan itinerary is on sale for $153 per day, with upgrades available for the Have It All Early Booking Bonus deal — that includes low-price guarantees on shore excursions; specialty dining; free upgrades to the Elite Beverage package and Premium Wi-Fi; and free prepaid Crew Appreciation costs, with cabin fares starting at $207 per day.

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