5 foods that will turn you on


Celery may not be exciting, it may not be appetising, but it is great for getting you excited. If you’re throwing a party or treating your date to a homemade dinner, serve them celery sticks with a sour cream or humus dip. This is the perfect pre-date snack because celery contains androsterone, an odourless hormone, which turns guys on. In turn, men release pheromones, which makes women feel more attracted to the celery chomping man. If you don’t fancy celery and dips, you could pop some celery into a salad or make a celery soup.

Steak with a pine nut salad

If you are on a date, serve steak with a pine nut salad. Firstly most meat-eaters love steak, so even if your date is fussy they will still tuck into what you serve. Secondly, high-protein foods like steak increase alertness and assertiveness. This will mean that after the meal your date won’t feel drowsy and will feel more confident about getting what they want – you. Make sure you combine your steak with a pine nut salad though. Pine nuts, an ancient aphrodisiac, are high in zinc, which enables guys to make more sperm.

5 foods that will turn you on


Another great dinner to pick when on a date is curry. A UK study has shown that just thinking of your favourite spicy dish is enough to increase both your heart and your blood pressure to a level similar to one reached during sexual arousal. For the guys, make sure you order a curry that uses the herb Fenugreek. According to a study, male libido increased by 28% when men ate Fenugreek. This is because the seeds are thought to increase the production of hormones, such as testosterone.


Aniseed has been used as an aphrodisiac for years. The Romans and Greeks both believed it to be a powerful concoction.  It is thought that just sucking on the seeds can make you feel aroused. Adding aniseed to a sauce for chicken or pasta is a great way to make use of the seeds. Aniseed is not to everyone’s taste though. If you still want to use aniseed as an aphrodisiac you can add the seeds to ice-cream or drink aniseed based cocktails. There are aniseed teas, aniseed sweets and aniseed liquors.


Did you know that the Romans associated the seductive strawberry with Venus the goddess of love?  Strawberries are particular good for your sex life because they help out the adrenal gland, which produces hormones that stimulate orgasm. Stock up on these red fruits and you’ll feel more stimulated in bed. You could pack a picnic and take strawberries, or if a picnic isn’t for you, eat some vanilla ice-cream with fresh strawberries. The calcium content in a typical bowl (200 milligrams) can also make orgasms more powerful and intense. Read more on realbuzz.com...
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