48 Poor, Poor, Poor Souls Who Found Out They Were Being Cheated On In The Worst Possible Way

Recently, Reddit user Quirky_Broccoli_842 asked, "How did you find out your partner was cheating on you?" Here are the stories people had to share — along with some responses from the BuzzFeed Community.

1."I met a guy at an Applebee's bar and we were talking about work. He told me about the work parties he goes to. At the last party, this girl slept with two random dudes in a row...it turns out he worked with my then-gf. Turns out it was her. She tried to blame it on me."


2."I was with her and her best friend, and we stopped at McDonald's because my girlfriend needed to use the bathroom. While she was in there, her friend told me. I started dating her friend, and we were together for almost seven years. It didn't work out in the long run but we are still on good terms and we email each other on our birthdays."


3."My coworker saw her husband kissing another woman on one of those kiss cams they had when watching sports games. We all happened to be out at happy hour at a sports bar when someone pointed to the television and said, 'Hey Amy, isn't that Mark?' Mark was supposedly out at a client dinner that night."


4."My ex was on the front page of a large newspaper because of some work he did with a nonprofit. I took the paper to work to show a couple of people. I showed one person, and another coworker walked up and joined the convo. Her eyes got big, and she said, 'I know that guy! I just saw him at a concert holding hands with some girl the other day!'"


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5."I checked his Google map history and noticed an address he visited frequently. I got pictures of him and his woman. My lawyer appointment is set for Tuesday."


6."She told me, sort of. She 'needed a break' and wanted to go on a trip to Mexico with a friend. They booked at what they claimed was the only place where there wouldn't be any kids...a swinger's resort."


7."I was playing with her daughter in the other room. She called me in to show me something, and the messages between her ex and her popped up during it."


8."My then-wife was showing me a video of our daughter on her phone when she got a Snapchat message from a 'friend' of mine. She shut that shit down quickly, smartly, and was acting dodgy as all shit afterward. About half an hour later, I opened up her Snapchat, and lo and behold...The first picture I saw was her in the bath in a suggestive pose, with a caption mentioning she'd been doing yoga and was, therefore, quite flexible. I didn't bother looking/reading further — there wasn't a lot of room for doubt based on that first pic!"


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9."My boyfriend of seven months moved in with me, and we shared a cat. The night before my 21st birthday, his girlfriend in Chicago called me to tell me she was pregnant and had an STI. He said he worked with his dad up north on the weekends…luckily no STI for me! What an asshole."


10."Things were already kind of weird — we were semi-long distance (90 minutes), and I brought her roses, and she looked at them like I had handed her a dead rat. Later, she went to take a shower, and I found a legal pad where she was writing a letter to the guy. The only sentence I remember was 'You have a tongue to die for.'"

"I listened to her answering machine (this was 1999), and he had left her a message that he couldn't see her that night because a pump had 'blowed up.' When she came home, I asked her, incredulously, 'You're cheating on me with a guy that says 'blowed up'?!?!”


11."The other dude messaged me. They were coworkers at a pizza shop — fuckin' hell; I helped her get the job. He thought they were dating cause she stopped having me walk her there/pick her up and shit. He found out we were still dating and told me."


12."She came up to me and asked 'How would you react if I told you I made out with someone else earlier? Hypothetically speaking?' There was nothing 'hypothetical' about it."


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13."Opened up Instagram and got recommended a post from her couple account that she started with her new partner. The post was more than a month old."


14."His dad had just passed away and while I was helping him transfer his dad's phone info over, I saw the messages between him and his dad. His dad knew he was cheating on me and they laughed about it. What gets me is on his literal death bed, his dad told me to take care of his son and that we were so good for each other."


15."Both of these incidents burned like napalm when discovered: 1) I went into my wife's purse to grab a few dollars for the ice cream truck for the kiddo; out pops a hotel room key card (she was a stay-at-home mom who never traveled). 2) I opened up an invoice for a traffic cam speeding ticket — my wife was 30 miles out of town, with someone who wasn't me in the passenger seat, while the kiddo was at daycare."


16."We were together for three years, lived together, adopted a dog together, met his parents, spent the holidays with each other's families, etc. I was even one of the 'groomsmen' at his parents' vow renewal (wedding party was his parents' siblings, kids, and kids' spouses and me). We had been having some tension — minor disagreements etc — one week. That Friday I texted him to remind him that our friend and his girlfriend were coming over for drinks after work (which had been his idea). He responded that he totally forgot and he had a date so would be a bit late. Thought that was a lame attempt at humor but nope — he waltzed into our house with his date while our friends were there for drinks and acted like it was the most normal thing in the world. Claimed in the obviously following argument that 'we never discussed being exclusive.'"


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17."On deployment I was finally able to make contact home and my son called me Josh. That’s not my name."


18."He asked me what I thought about open relationships. I told him that I didn't feel good or safe in an open relationship, because I want to have unprotected sex with my partner, and I have no influence in what happens when he is 'out and about.' This was also something we talked about before we started dating, and my answer back then was the same. He listened to what I had to say and replied 'Too bad...I was thinking you had nothing against it...I had sex with six other men last week.'"

"He said it in a way like you tell someone that you took the last cookie out of the jar. The only thing I could reply was, 'Please pack your things and leave. I will get tested for STDs tomorrow and you will pay for it. After that, I don't want to see you ever again.'"


19."He bought her a ring, she posted it on FB and tagged him (she thought he was single). I questioned him about it, and he said they were 'just friends.'"


20."She danced and sang in this punk band and the song was all about how I don't know she's having sex with the lead singer every time she claims to go to church or out shopping. It was in front of all my friends and everything!"


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21."She and I studied at different schools at the time. I was on a school trip in a nearby city. I went to a pizza place to eat and found her in the line, kissing a guy from her school. They were holding hands and hugging each other. Funny thing is that she knew I was on a school trip there. She was either too dumb or she just didn't care. They didn't notice that I was there, and they weren't worth a scene (and I was kinda hungry) so I approached from behind and quietly whispered 'hi' to her ear while she was still hugging the other guy. She went pale, and flew away. Days later met her to give her all her stuff and she tried to blame me. 🤷🏿‍♂️ Beautiful memories."


22."He had been distant for months and was seeing me less and less. He avoided me and didn't see me on Valentine's day. A week later, I saw his Gmail account was still linked to my laptop, and I went through it. I saw receipts for women's Doc Martens that weren't my size or style, frog earrings, and a frog hoodie. Then I saw a receipt from Build-a-Bear from three days after our anniversary in November. I knew he had a new 'friend' he'd send memes to, and her profile picture was a frog. She also followed a ton of frog meme pages. My twin sister DMed her at 3 a.m. and asked, 'Is Tim cheating on my sister with you?' She replied and said, 'Is he cheating on me with your sister?' I found out he had moved her into his place where he lived with his family, they had been officially dating six months, and he fucked her in my house while cat sitting for my family and I while we were away."


23."She had just gotten a Wiccan spellbook. I picked it up one day and turned to the bookmarked page. It was a love spell where you had to write your name and your desired lovers name on a piece of paper, then put it in your pillowcase and sleep on it. I checked her pillowcase, and there it was. Her name and her co-workers name. He lived in a different city. I drove down to his house later that night and her car was there."


24."I came home early and the girl he was cheating with fell out of our bedroom window trying to escape! Luckily I have a good/different guy now!"


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25."I only wear fruit of the loom briefs. My neighbor at the time was mowing his lawn with his pants sagging and I noticed he was wearing red underwear/briefs. My ex asked me to run to the grocery store for her kids. I went to the store with a long shopping list and came back two hours later to put all the groceries away because she was in the shower. I didn't think anything of it, and went back outside for another load of the groceries. My neighbor was sitting outside on his back patio, hair wet, in different clothes, and again I didn't think anything of it — homie just mowed the lawn, I'd take a shower too. I got the food put away and went to the bathroom after my ex got out and I found a pair of red Hanes. Again, I only wear fruit of the loom. And of course it was my fault I couldn't spend enough time with her, bills don't pay themselves, and her kids can't take care of themselves."


26."His wife called me at four in the morning. It was not a fun time finding out I was the other woman."


27."Tucked my daughter in after getting home from a evening shift. She asked me who the man with the beard and the hair was that went into my room."


28."She suddenly pretended that we had never dated and acted confused when I asked her about it. Turns out she already had a boyfriend, and I wasn't even the other guy, I was the third guy."


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29."My mate videoed her holding her ankles while he was balls deep in her. His wife sent me the video because she recognized my guitar in the background, and was curious how I was somehow involved in this. 'Well, you can’t see her face, but I know that vagina pretty well…' was my reply. She was horrified because not only was her husband cheating on her, but he was cheating with one of his closest friend’s girlfriends."


30."I got a notification from Spotify while I was at work that a new song had been added to 'our' country music list. I don’t listen to country and we didn’t have any lists that I contributed to. Now, the 19-year-old babysitter really liked country, though. I asked her about it and she stumbled through a bad lie about her phone malfunctioning. I didn’t say anything to him. Couple hours later, he texted me, 'So, about the Spotify thing…' I reminded him I hadn’t asked him about it, and it went from there."


31."My ex made a post making her new relationship official…while we were still dating. We followed each other. I messaged that night and she told me it just wasn’t working and she thought I’d already figured out she was cheating on me with him. It was with the guy best friend she told me not to worry about. This was months into dating and she still had posts up about our relationship."


32."We had gotten drunk one night for my birthday and had come home with one of our 'friends.' I fall asleep in bed and less than an hour later wake up to them having sex in the same bed as me, not really trying to hide it I guess. Wasn’t the first time she had cheated though but left her after that. She then got with him and two months later was trying to hook up with me while still with him."


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33."I got a call from an energy company saying that my electricity bill was way past due and about to be turned over to collections. I wasn't living in the same state where the electricity was being used and only one person in my family had enough of my personal info to fraudulently set up an account with that energy company. It was my brother. I then get a call a couple days after that from my wife and she's asking me for $800 because she has a friend who had fallen on hard times and her friend's electricity was about to get shut off. And that's how I figured out that my wife was fucking my brother while I was out of town doing freelance web design work. I was 20 when I got married and 22 when I got divorced, and it took me nearly 15 years to finally trust another woman."


34."Riding the people mover at Disney. She said she had to use the bathroom and to go on without her. I saw her making out with someone she met on Tinder behind my back."


35."I booked a vacation and paid for the plane tickets, hotel, etc. for her birthday. She went without me because my boss canceled my annual leave. I called HR and managed to go the next day. I didn't say anything as I wanted to surprise her — I caught her going to our hotel with another guy holding hands."


36."I discovered some texts and pics when I was backing up my (now ex-)wife's iPhone pics on our home computer. Worst part was that it was going on while I was working two jobs, seven days a week, because she lost her job and wasn’t ready to get back into the work force just yet. Yeah. Good times."


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37."I was married and we have virtually the same first name. I was opening mail and I opened a letter to her by accident and it was a follow up to her abortion. I had gotten a vasectomy a couple of years earlier."


38."I had a feeling. Made a fake Hinge account with a friend's pictures, set my location to his, matched with him within minutes. Started talking to him, realized he was looking for sex. Called him and broke it off the next day. Unhinged? Sure. But justified."


39."Found a post on her computer in Missed Connections on Craigslist trying to connect with guy she hooked up with when out of town."


40."Walked in on her riding my best friend, right before I was leaving town for a family emergency."


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41."He was cheating on me with my best friend and somehow thought leaving her number with no contact name would fool me into thinking it was random spam or something. Of course I recognized the number and realized something was up specifically because we had all known each other for years so it didn't make sense for him not to have her in his phone."


42."Through the newspaper — no joke. My ex had that classic 'don’t worry about him' best friend. One night, that guy was injured in some kind of spectacular car accident. Later on he was interviewed by a local newspaper and he mentioned that he was in the car with the 'cousin of his girlfriend.' Actually that cousin was the cousin of my wife."


43."At the time I was young and religious, so I wanted to wait until I was married for sex. My girlfriend was religious too, but she didn’t want to wait and it caused some friction between us. She had a fresh box of condoms to use in case she got me to change my mind. I was out of town for work for about a month and when I returned I saw her right away and stayed the night. I opened the drawer of her nightstand to get a phone charger and found the box of condoms opened and some were missing."


44."She wrote it in her diary and then left her diary on the desk, open to the page where she wrote about it. I looked down when I put down my stuff and there it was. I wasn’t deliberately reading it but my eyes just caught the sentence 'I slept with (guy she used to date) last night. It was the third time.' I glanced at the date and it was two weeks prior. I said, 'So you’re sleeping with X huh?' She said, 'What? No.' I said, 'Well you wrote it right here that you did. Three times.' she then got upset and accused me of 'reading her diary without her permission,' and I said “kinda hard not to when you fucking leave it open right in front of me.'"

"She swore she didn’t do it on purpose; but she did. That’s the type of person she was. Everything was like that, always trying to frame things like I was the bad guy. If I found out that way she could try and make it about me not trusting her and reading her diary so it would diminish the gravity of her cheating somehow. That was her playbook and it took me way longer than I should have to figure that out. By then I was already miserable so I wish I could say I cared more than I did but I didn’t. I was just like 'Whatever. I’m so done.'"


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45."I called her best friend one night when my ex was out, in order to figure out a good way to surprise her for her upcoming birthday. When my ex got home she said she had a great time out with that same friend, whom I had been speaking to earlier that evening and confirmed wasn’t with her."


46."A mutual friend on Instagram who is an artist drew me cause she said she likes my features. When we got close and started to talk about our personal lives, I name-dropped my SO's name and she called me and said that they'd been talking for a month."


47."We were on a road trip for her birthday. She was driving, and I was using her phone for GPS since mine was messed up. While I was doing that, she got a text from the guy about seeing her tomorrow. 24 years together down the drain because she's a lying cheater."


48.And finally..."He finally just broke down and told me himself. I didn't suspect a thing. I was naive. I knew things were not fine due to many things having changed with him...but I thought it was stress or something and I was trying to be patient, supportive, and just wait for him to open up about it. His exact words were: 'I met someone. You're my best friend, and I love you so much, and I hate myself for it... I just had to come clean.' And soon after that, he explained that he met her on Match.com.(Raises even more questions, I know.) And that they'd been on a few dates. And THEN, he asked me to go to his next gig and meet her because she knows he cares about me, that I'm his best friend, that I'm a key part of his life, and she has been eager to meet me. (Yes, I went. And what transpired was a WHOLE other bag of wtfuckery that is just too long for this response.)"