4 Simple Ways To Maximise Your Service Yard’s Utility

Service yards are generally more about practicality than looks, so it doesn’t come as a total surprise to find out that it’s the last thing on people’s minds when it comes to an interior makeover.

In any case, that you shouldn’t stop you from making better use of your home’s service yard – if not in form, then in function. We round up some real-life ideas to inspire your service yard transformation.

1. More Space For Food Prep

Considering how tight service yards typically are becoming, installing a counter may come across as… counterproductive. But having an additional surface is actually more likely to make it more versatile and useful.

Interior Designer: KDOT Associates

Here, a sturdy countertop and built-in shelves for condiments allow the service yard to be used as a food preparation area, especially since one side of the kitchen has been taken up for storage purposes.

Interior Designer: DB Studio

Not one for heavy carpentry and fixtures? Try bridging gaps between the kitchen and service yard with useful furniture that can double up as storage and a work station.

2. Utilise Vertical Space

For those with a blank wall or two in the back, consider using them for organization, by introducing a variety of useful storage fixtures, such as bins, shelves and baskets.

Interior Designer: DB Studio

In the same vein, opting for a stackable washer-dryer can save you plenty of room and even fill up a dead corner. Full-sized versions of both appliances can be quite bulky and chew up some walkway space, so make sure to double-check the measurements if you intend to adopt this space-saving solution.

Interior Designer: Starry Homestead

You can also consider using a shelf as a visual divider for your kitchen and service yard – perfect for keeping frequently used items within reach, while allowing natural light to pass through freely and brighten up the area.

3. Create A Flow

Most service yards are natural extensions of the kitchen, especially so in HDB apartments, so it’s important to integrate their designs and ensure they look visually coherent.

Interior Designer: The Scientist

This Marine Drive home features walls of graphic tiles extending from the kitchen into the adjacent service yard, creating a consistent visual motif, whereas a built-in microwave nook and an island allow the space to double as a cosy breakfast corner.

Interior Designer: DB Studio

Another way to create better flow between the spaces would be to combine your kitchen and service yard with a galley-style. In fact, letting your kitchen take over the yard means more cooking space - you won’t have to struggle with two separate zones, both too small for your needs.

Moreover, keeping things neatly flushed against the walls (and big appliances tucked underneath) means you’ll be getting additional walkway space and an overall neater interior.

4. Exercise Your Green Fingers

While there’re many ways to make a service yard look good, the simplest way to accomplish this is through exercising your green fingers!

Interior Designer: Studio JP

Having an indoor garden works well as touches of natural greenery soften the starkness of this whitewashed yard, while complementing its MUJI-esque wood-fronted cabinetry.

Interior Designer: D Initial Concept

If you prefer to use a dryer machine over a laundry hanging system, these handy fixtures can be used to hang potted plants. Simply lower the rods during watering time and then raise them back up to ensure your plant babies receive sufficient sunlight.

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