30 Best Ramadan Greetings and Wishes to Share With Family and Friends

Ramadan is the ninth month of the lunar Hijri calendar. During Ramadan, observing Muslims voluntarily fast from food, drink and intercourse during daylight hours. According to the Quran, fasting is a reflective exercise prescribed to become mindful of God.

Ramadan is also a time for celebrating the miracle of the Divine Quran. During Laylat al-Qadr, also known as the Night of Power, the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad by Gabriel, peace be upon them.

Practicing Muslims regard the Quran as a guidebook back to God, with a clear criteria of what to do and what not to do, in order to earn their own salvation. The more a person’s good deeds outweigh their misconducts, the more likely they are to enter Paradise after the Day of Judgement. As a bonus opportunity, good deeds weigh more in Ramadan than the rest of the year, giving it the moniker the "Month of Mercy."

As with any important holiday or celebration, there are ways to send greetings and well wishes to those who celebrate. For Ramadan, common greetings are Ramadan Mubarak” or “Ramadan Kareem.” “Mubarak” means “filled with blessings” and “Kareem” means "generous" in Arabic.

When Ramadan ends, Muslims celebrate their hard work with a three day feast called Eid al Fitr, so the greeting changes to "Eid Mubarak."

If you're looking for more Ramadan wishes to share with friends, family and others who celebrate, we've rounded up 30 thoughtful options. Muslims speak many different languages with greetings varying from culture to culture, but below you'll find all messages in English.

Ramadan Wishes for Spouses

  • You’re sweeter than a box of dates. Happy Ramadan!

  • My heart lights up like a Ramadan lantern when I’m with you.

  • God chose you as my clothing. (2:187) He dressed me very well.

  • Thank you for loving me even when I’m hangry. Ramadan Mubarak.

  • Tarawih* buddies for life.

  • Matching Eid outfits?

  • I love you more than my morning coffee on Eid day.

  • Extra hugs and kisses for an extra special day. Eid Mwah-barak!

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Ramadan Wishes for Kids

  • We break our fast with a date, I hope your Ramadan is great!

  • Reach for the Ramadan moon! If you fall, fall on your prayer rug in sujood*.

  • Make a dua* list and check it twice. Don’t forget to ask for Paradise!

  • Here comes the Ramadan Drummer and Ramadan too. I hope this month is filled with lots of fun for you!

  • To the coolest kid I know: May this Ramadan help you grow!

  • Prayer rugs and Eid hugs, happy holidays to my cuddle bugs!

  • My shining star, my crescent moon, my Eid balloon. We miss you so much, we hope to see you soon!

Ramadan Wishes for Family and friends

  • Love, laughter and lanterns. Thanks for a wonderful iftar* party!

  • My favorite Ramadan recipe? All of us gathered together.

  • I’d travel from afar for a taste of your iftar. Happy Ramadan to my favorite cook!

  • May your days and nights be mubarak and bright.

  • Wishing you an easy fast.

  • One month of fasting for a reward everlasting. Ramadan Kareem.

  • Welcome Ramadan, welcome month of the Quran!

  • In a year it only comes once, the Sultan of eleven months!

  • Whatever your heart can dream, you will surely have it in Ramadan Kareem. Have a blessed month!

  • Greetings of peace, a delicious feast, may His blessings never cease.

  • Hard work pays off. Eid Mubarak!

  • May God accept from us, and from you. Eid Mubarak!

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Ramadan Dua to Use as Well Wishes

  • “O God, we ask You for Your Love, the love of those whom You Love and actions that will bring us closer to Your Love.” — Tirmidhi

  • “O God, we ask you for all good - good now, good later, what we know to be good and what we don’t. And we seek refuge in you from all evil - evil now, evil later, what we know to be evil and what we don’t.” — Ibn Majah

  • “O God, we ask you for faith that doesn’t fade, blessings that do not deplete and the company of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, in the highest level of your Paradise.” — Nisa’i

  • Tarawih is a special prayer offered by Sunni Muslims in the nights of Ramadan.

  • Sujood is the act of prostrating on the ground before God.

  • Dua comes from the verb “to call.” It is the act of calling out to God with our needs and wants in supplication.)

  • Iftar is the meal enjoyed at sunset after a day of fasting.

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