$3 Peach Garden dim sum in March for anyone with ‘3’ on their IC

We Singaporeans love our dim sum. Versatile and delicious, these bite-sized pieces of satisfaction make for perfect breakfasts, snacks or supper.

You probably know Peach Garden as a brand to fall back on when you’re looking to indulge in quality dim sum beyond the fix you can get from coffeeshops. Great news, they’ve got the perfect deal: throughout Mar 2024, you can get their dim sum at just S$3 per basket as long as you have the digit ‘3’ anywhere in your IC!

Peach Garden - $3 Dim Sum Promotion Poster
Credit – Peach Garden

To snag yourself some S$3 dim sum, the digit ‘3’ can appear anywhere on your identity card. Whether you were born in Mar3 Oct1973, or have a single ‘3’ within your IC number, you’re counted!

Don’t lose hope even if the golden number isn’t on your card. Anyone with ‘3’ in your age gets to enjoy the deal too. Looks like you won’t dread being in your 30s now.

If you don’t want to miss out, you best gather as many friends as you can. The promotion applies for whole groups as long as you’re dining with someone eligible. Also, there’s no minimum spend required, so go forth and conquer!

Peach Garden - Dumplings & Deep Fried Bean Skin Roll
Credit – Peach Garden

Trust in Peach Garden’s selection of dim sum to leave you spoilt for choice.

Choose from a range of steamed dumplings like the Xiao Long Bao with Minced Pork (U.P. S$4.80) and Siew Mai with Fish Roe (U.P. S$5.60), or go for classics like BBQ Pork Bun (U.P. S$4.50) and Creamy Custard Bun (U.P. S$4.20).

For some sinful satisfaction, delight in some Deep Fried Prawn Dumplings with Salad Cream (U.P. S$5.80) or Egg Tarts (U.P. S$4.20).

Peach Garden - Dim Sum
Credit – Peach Garden

Don’t run to your nearest Peach Garden just yet. While dim sum is available all-day at The Heeren and Changi Airport T2, the menu is only available for lunch at OCBC CentreThomson PlazaChinatown Point and Metropolis.

Not to fret if you don’t manage to enjoy the deal, though. Peach Garden will also hold a S$4 dim sum promotion in April – that’s when the digit ‘4’ will get to shine.

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