3-generation owned NYC Style Deli — Steeple’s Deli in Tanglin closes doors

After a 3-generation run, Steeple’s Deli’s 42 year journey at Tanglin Shopping Centre came to a close on 29 Apr 2023.

Steeple’s Deli was Singapore’s first deli, welcoming its first wave of customers in 1981. It has been a well-loved fixture in Tanglin for many years, serving as a popular gathering spot for families and regular customers.

The en bloc sale of Tanglin Shopping Centre in early 2022 had given patrons a heads up of the coming closure. On the Saturday before they shut for good, the Steeple’s Deli kitchen ran out of ingredients over four hours before closing time. No doubt, Steeple’s Deli was well loved, and many wanted to have one last meal at this nostalgic abode.

Steeple's Deli - Storefront

It sported a retro interior with wooden counter tops, a rare and refreshing sight in a Singapore shopping mall. The decor was indeed reminiscent of an NYC deli, transporting you to a different time and space.

The family-run restaurant served countless customers over its 42-year run with some of the meanest sandwiches and milkshakes. Their food quality and portion sizes only seemed to improve over the years despite the rising cost of ingredients and rent.

However, it was time to say goodbye once Tanglin Shopping Centre was bought over by Pacific Eagle Real Estate. Steeple’s Deli was one of the few remaining businesses in the building.

Steeple's Deli - Pastrami & Ruben Sandwich

Prior to their closure, Steeple’s Deli was renowned for their authentic Pastrami Sandwiches (S$17.90), a kind of brisket meat (pictured left), Rubens (S$18.90) or corned beef and sauerkraut sandwiches (right), and milkshakes.

With the current real estate landscape and price of property, it is uncertain as to whether Steeple’s Deli will make a comeback. But look alive everyone, and never say never, cheers to their return being quicker than we can say “ah”.

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