2kg ‘no-freezer’ crabs at Ministry of Crab’s first SG outlet

Ahoy, matey! Lauded for fresh Sri Lankan Mud Crab among their premium seafood offerings, Colombo’s Ministry of Crab will officially bask on our sunny shores at the chic Dempsey vicinity on 3 Jul.

MOC - Garlic Chilli Crab
Credit – Ministry of Crab

Clinching a spot in the highly acclaimed list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants from 2015 to 2022, the multinational crab restaurant has anchored outpost branches in Bangkok, Shanghai, Chengdu, Maldives, Mumbai and now, Singapore!

Founded by the renowned Chef Dharshan Munidasa (who previously hosted exclusive pop-ups back in 2018 and 2022) together with Sri Lanka’s prolific cricketers, Mahela Jayawardena and Kumar Sangakkara, this oceanic ministry encapsulates the best of Japanese, Sri Lankan and Mediterranean flavours in their crustacean dishes that are perfected by Chef Dharshan’s recipes.

MOC - Chef Dharshan
Credit – Ministry of Crab

As seen in their overarching constitutions, Ministry of Crab strives to serve “only the best of the catch” by adopting a “no-freezer” policy. This means that there should not be any small or meatless crabs, nor any incomplete ones (e.g. one claw missing or uneven claws). I guess that they take their crabs very seriously huh? They are not crabbing around.

Although the menu prices are yet to be announced, we can expect the Dempsey outlet to showcase similar dishes at its flagship stores. Cue that Mud Crab now. Ranging from 500g to more than 2kg (aka Crabzilla), these succulent delights are cooked in a tantalising myriad of ways — think baked, steamed or stewed with fragrant curry.

Watch out for signatures like the Original Recipe Pepper Crab that is described as the true “king of spice” or the Singapore-inspired Chilli Crab, drenched in Sri Lanka Red Chilli for a spicy punch.

MOC - Garlic Chilli Prawn
Credit – Ministry of Crab

Besides crabs, you may also opt for Freshwater Prawns that range from 100g to more than 500g (Prawnzilla) in addition to a briny spread of clams and oysters. I got my eye on their Prawn Bisque. Served with wood-fired Kade Bread, this is a robust blend of prawns in piquant homegrown spices.

Bon Voyage!

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