21-Year-Old Entrepreneur Bilal Issifou Turns Down a Job Offer From a Global Company To Start His Venture Unchained Inc

For any organisation, the main goal is to have a versatile team that can function seamlessly across different departments. Today we tell you about one underdog resource who have proved their mettle with their talent. The students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have the potential to do extraordinary work but are often misunderstood by many organisations. Breaking all the barriers and defying the odds, Bilal Issifou has set an example as one of the successful entrepreneurs. He is a 21-year-old recent HBCU graduate from Togo, West Africa.

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Bilal always knew he was destined for more. So when the opportunity arose to turn his dreams into reality he was willing to take risks even if that meant declining a pretty good offer. He did this to tinspire people to dream without limits and execute without hesitation.

He founded Unchained Inc., a tech startup that is an ultimate platform for students of Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Through this platform, many students have obtained employment and career development opportunities in different fields.

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After only one year the platform has surpassed 2.2m website clicks ,10k active users profiles, and 6,000 app downloads to name a few stats.

The main reason behind starting Unchained Inc. by Bilal was that he wanted to eradicate disparities and give students access to endless work opportunities.

In other words, Bilal’s company is a resource for HBCU students as it focuses on bridging the gap between the industries that have loopholes based on the grounds of prejudice and diversity. This mechanism of educating the students and helping them with the placements in different fields like manufacturing, finance and healthcare has witnessed a rise in employment opportunities for them. Elaborating about it, Bilal said, “Our primary goal is to nurture the students and also make them capable of honing their skills. Persistence , unity and integrity are some of the aspects our company focuses on besides the sustainable development of diverse candidates .”

An interesting trivia about Bilal is that he earlier got an offer from the leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm ‘Goldman Sachs’. However, he was adamant about building a company of his own, and there has been no turning back for him since then. In his incredible journey of entrepreneurship, Bilal has crossed paths with many influential names like the American rapper and entrepreneur Percy R Miller; popularly known by the stage name Master P. With a mutual motive of supporting the HBCU community , Bilal Issifou’s startup concept was immensely loved by the rapper.

Furthermore, the entrepreneur revealed that his company always encourages diversified talents that have different things to contribute. “We are on a mission to take the students of HBCU space on an international level”, added Bilal. Unchained Inc. in recent times has made it easy for people to partner as clients. With his company being a launchpad for the talents who go unnoticed, Bilal Issifou has played an instrumental role in adding great value to their work life.