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Bailey’s kilt outfit is traditional yet modern. Wonder if he barks with a brogue? 

Photo: Imgur

21 Dogs Who Nailed Wedding Style

Nora Crotty
News Editor

There’s been some talk about whether it’s a good idea to include your dog in your wedding day. But the discussion’s been missing one very important factor: Should you, in fact, choose to have your pup by your side on your big day, what should he or she wear? 

A dog named Bailey found fame online recently after his engaged owner posted a photo of him getting fitted in a traditional kilt getup for his wedding (the owner’s, not Bailey’s). “I get married soon and I couldn’t have wedding pics taken without the pup! So had his kilt fitting tonight! Lol,” the pit-mix’s owner wrote on Imgur

But we weren’t lol-ing. We were entranced by the Scottish pooch’s ability to pull off such a striking look. Not all men can successfully rock a tartan skirt, let alone a canine. We sure hope he’s got some extra Pup-Peroni stashed away in that little sporran!

Inspired by Bailey, here are 21 well-dressed wedding guests who also happen to be dogs. 

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