2019 #HairTrend: Negative Space Hair Colour Trend by mǐ the salon

If you have not heard about the latest trend beauty trend termed “negative spaces”, fret not. The negative space hair colour trend is the latest trend to hit the world of beauty globally and it is honestly something you may have already been doing without knowing.

What is Negative Space?

Negative Space is the space around and between subjects and it can become the real subject of focus. For example, the French Tips on a French Manicure is a great way to utilise a negative space. The application of an Eyeliner on the Eye is another great use of a Negative Space.

When it comes to hair, the Negative Space is the use of lesser highlights and utilising your base hair colour. It then allows you to grow out your roots longer, which means you will need fewer touch-ups.

2019 #HairTrend: Negative Space Hair Colour Trend by mǐ the salon
2019 #HairTrend: Negative Space Hair Colour Trend by mǐ the salon

Who is this Trend for?

As Negative Space makes use of any base colour you already have, it is for anyone looking for a fresh new look. This look is easily adaptable to suit your needs and personal style.

2019 #HairTrend: Negative Space Hair Colour Trend by mǐ the salon
2019 #HairTrend: Negative Space Hair Colour Trend by mǐ the salon

Trendy Hair Colours for 2019

Gone are the days where women wanted loud fancy colours. Salon Vim Director John Tham says that his female clients are now requesting for “less is more” colours that are more presentable looking for a day-to-day basis.

mǐ the salon uses #MiFrenchGloss from L'Oréal which is a non-invasive colouring service to empower women in celebrating the natural shine that comes from within. The enhanced effect results in a dewy and glowing hair look that enhances the brightness of the skin to recover the natural hair shine.

The four shades suggested by mi the salon includes Earthy Lavender, Aurora Rose, Frosty Daylight and Copper Dawn. However, John recommends not just to follow any hair colour trend but to speak with your hair stylist to ensure that you choose a hair colour that best suits you.

The Negative Space Package: Cut - Colour - Treatment

Leading Hair Stylist Ymond Chin from mǐ the salon has over 15 years of experience in the hair industry did my hair.

Step 1: The first step would be a hair consultation between yourself and your hair stylist to determine the colour and style that best contours your face. The contouring begins from the stylist's assessment of the face shape. As my face is slightly longer, a side-swept fringe paired with longer side layers, overall help to balance my face.

Step 2: He then started bleaching and highlighting my hair, he chose a darker base at the top with lighter ends in a sombre fashion to illuminate the face. The sombre look is low maintenance and great for ladies who don’t have the time to touch up often. Given my skin tone, Ymond chose the colours that help to brighten my face for a livelier appearance.

Step 3: Ymond utilised the latest #MiFrenchGloss technique by L'Oréal, that is a non-invasive hair colouring service that results in a dewy and glowing look, with its gentle formula to protect the hair. This service aims to empower women to celebrate the natural hair glow. This service has yet to be officially launched but we will start by this week.

Step 4: Ymond chose to do a collagen treatment to protect my hair. The pH level of my hair after being lightened had risen to pH 10-11 hence the Collagen treatment was done to restore the proteins and balance the pH of my hair. The ideal pH for hair is generally 6 to 7 in order to maintain the softness and healthy hair glow. Doing different treatments on a regular basis can maintain and prolong the hair colour.

Vanilla Luxury readers visiting mǐ the salon for the first time can enjoy 15% off this Negative Space Hair Contouring service which starts from $300 onwards and is valid till 31st May 2019.

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