The $2.50 Shop — $2.50 nasi lemak, mee siam & Malay dishes kept affordable for the needy

Many hawker stalls have had to raise their menu prices to cope with rising ingredient costs amidst inflation and GST hikes. Meanwhile, The $2.50 Shop has instead slashed menu prices in a bid to keep their fare affordable for those struggling financially.

The $2.50 Shop - Stallfront
Credit – The $2.50 Shop

Yes, you read the stall name right. The $2.50 Shop, otherwise known as Traditional Malay Muslim Cuisine, sells Malay dishes such as nasi lemak, mee siam and lontong for just S$2.50.

It’s housed in Kukoh 21 Food Centre, which is located close to blocks of rental flats in Chinatown.

The $2.50 Shop - $2.50 Dishes, Mee Rebus (1)

As promised by the stall’s name, S$2.50 gets you a hearty bowl of traditional favourites like Mee SotoMee SiamMee Rebus and Nasi Lemak.

There’s also Chicken Briyani (S$2.50) and Nasi Sambal Goreng (S$2.50) with a choice of rendang mutton, chicken or sambal sotong. The stall also offers Nasi Padang at a base price of S$2.50, which gets you 1 vegetable and 1 meat of your choice from their wide range of ingredients.

You can even grab a dessert of Kueh-Kueh such as ondeh-ondeh and kueh dadar, priced at S$2 for 4 pieces.

The $2.50 Shop - Stall- owners
Credit – The $2.50 Shop

The $2.50 Shop is helmed by Ms Hani Isnin and her family. Prior to Nov 2022, their dishes were priced at S$3 to S$4.50 on average. As she reflects in an interview with Berita Harian, Ms Hani was spurred on to reduce these prices after several encounters with elderly who were unable to pay for their meals.

Since then, most of the stall’s items have been kept at S$2.50. While the move was met with some initial cynicism, the family stands by their decision, remaining determined to ensure affordable meals for the less fortunate.

Staying committed to the mission isn’t easy work; The $2.50 Shop is up and running by 3.30 am every weekday.

Do drop by the stall to show your support for their compassionate cause or for a delicious meal that’s easy on the wallet.

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