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Rúrik Gíslason (Iceland)

Midfielder Rúrik Gíslason, 30, is swoon-worthy enough that he has gone from 30,000 followers on Instagram to over 690,000 since he appeared in the World Cup match on 16 June against Argentina. (PHOTO: AP)

18 football hunks at World Cup 2018

Icelandic footballer Rúrik Gíslason recently gained viral fame for his good looks after coming on as a substitute during his country’s 1-1 draw against Argentina on Saturday (16 June) at the World Cup. Many viewers were left purring over his Nordic style and blue eyes during his brief cameo for the tiny island nation.

In a tournament filled with over 700 players, there are many more football hunks like Gíslason with looks that could kill. Here are 18 players who might catch your eye during this World Cup season.

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