15 Yusheng deliveries on Oddle Eats to lo hei your way into Chinese New Year 2023

The Year of the Rabbit is almost upon us! You know what that means: It’s time to lo hei and feast on the best yusheng with all your friends and family. What better way to make your yusheng feasting extra convenient than with island-wide yusheng deliveries from Oddle Eats?

This coming Chinese New Year, Oddle Eats has gathered all the best Chinese New Year deals for diners at its one-stop Chinese New Year shop. Oddle Eats’ ‘Good Things Come in Twos (兔)’ campaign features top hotels and restaurants presenting yusheng of the highest quality. The campaign will offer island-wide delivery, making it extra convenient for you and your loved ones to enjoy yusheng together from anywhere in the country.

Most excitingly, when you spend a minimum of S$88 with any restaurant, you will receive 2 x S$10 vouchers from Oddle Eats. What a steal! Additionally, to maximise savings, you can stack ongoing promotions with bank card discounts of up to S$10 off

Here are 15 restaurants offering yusheng with island-wide delivery on Oddle Eats to lo hei your way into the Year of the Rabbit.

1. Soup Restaurant

yusheng delivery - soup restaurant
Credit – Soup Restaurant

Kick starting this yusheng delivery list is Soup Restaurant’s Baby Abalone Yu Sheng 鲍鱼七彩鱼生, a colourful dish served with a generous portion of baby abalone. The cost of this yusheng starts from S$49.60, and its gorgeous multi-coloured ingredients make it the perfect contender to lo hei

You can get S$10 off any of Soup Restaurant’s Chinese New Year sets or bundles when you opt for delivery via Oddle Eats. Those who choose Self Pick Up can also get a free Bounty Bunnies Tower worth S$38.77 with the purchase of a five pax or eight pax CNY set.

To order from Soup Restaurant on Oddle Eats, click here.
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2. White Restaurant

yusheng delivery - white restaurant
Credit – White Restaurant

The popular White Restaurant may be most famous for its bee hoon, but it certainly does not hold back in delivering a luxurious yusheng. The Grand Fortune Abalone Yusheng 鴻兔大展鲍鱼捞生 (S$54.89 for small, S$73.48 for large) is an extravagant dish, served with luscious 18-head abalones, shredded winter melon, shredded dried persimmon, shredded carrot, shredded jellyfish and buckwheat.

That’s not all: the addition of deep-fried shredded yam, ground peanuts and white sesame gives the Grand Fortune Abalone Yusheng an added crunch. Pomelo and lemon leaves are also used to spruce up its flavours.

To tie it all together, White Restaurant’s specially concocted yuzu sauce gives the whole dish a burst of refreshing and tangy fruity flavour. Yum!

To order from White Restaurant on Oddle Eats, click here.
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3. Dian Xiao Er

yusheng delivery - dian xiao er
Credit – Dian Xiao Er

Dian Xiao Er, one of Singapore’s most classic Chinese restaurants, will be offering two different yu sheng dishes for delivery this coming Chinese New Year. Lovers of salmon may toss to good health and prosperity with their Smoked Salmon YuSheng 烟熏三文鱼鱼生, priced from S$40.66, while those who prefer abalone may enjoy their Abalone YuSheng 鲍鱼鱼生, starting from S$49.22.

When you opt for Self Pick Up on Oddle Eats, enjoy an Early Bird Promotion with up to 20 percent off until 7 Jan 2023.

To order from Dian Xiao Er on Oddle Eats, click here.
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4. The Plattering Co.

yusheng delivery - the plattering co
Credit – The Plattering Co.

Where are all my fellow fruit lovers at? The Plattering Co. is making our fruit-filled dreams come true with their magnificent Rainbow Fruit Yusheng, an S$88 platter containing a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The Rainbow Fruit Yusheng is suitable for serving five to seven pax and comes with fruits of all colours of the rainbow. Think of ingredients like mandarin oranges, carrots, green carrots, radishes, pineapples, pears, pomelos, green apples, passionfruit, strawberries and even jackfruit chips — every bite of this magnificent yu sheng is sure to be refreshing and fruity.

The Rainbow Fruit Yusheng is also served with crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, golden pillow crackers and in-house yu sheng sauce for extra texture. You may choose between either Smoked Salmon or Vegetarian Salmon.

To make this yusheng delivery extra exciting, early birds who place their online orders for any Chinese New Year Feast or Chinese New Year Platter by 31 Dec 2022 may receive a free box of Spicy Asari Clams with Basil, worth S$28. Additionally, those who order the Chinese New Year Feast or Chinese New Year Platter may also receive eight complimentary fortune cookies, while stocks last.

You may also enjoy free delivery for orders S$220 and above on Oddle Eats.

To order from The Plattering Co. on Oddle Eats, click here.
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5. Greenwood Fish Market

yusheng delivery - greenwood fish market
Credit – Greenwood Fish Market

Regardless of whether you are a lover of traditional yusheng, or if you prefer to enjoy something a little more unique, Greenwood Fish Market has got you covered. This yusheng delivery provides a classic Salmon Yu Sheng, starting from S$98, which serves four to five pax. The Salmon Yu Sheng comes with traditional vegetables, condiments and 200g of salmon sashimi. Chef Alan’s homemade calamansi plum sauce is the perfect finisher, giving the dish some balanced sweetness, tartness and umaminess.

For something more exciting, why not try out Greenwood Fish Market’s build-your-own-yu sheng? Personalise the standard Salmon Yu Sheng with 10 seafood add-ons, such as extra servings of salmon and even lavish Boston lobsters. Now that’s a yusheng delivery you don’t want to miss out on!

To order from Greenwood Fish Market on Oddle Eats, click here.
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6. The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

yusheng delivery - the ritz carlton millenia singapore
Credit – The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore’s Colony Bakery serves their yusheng in a classy clear rectangular box. This yusheng delivery option provides an incredible dish studded with premium ingredients. 

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore’s Boston Lobster, Sea Whelk and Smoked Salmon Yu Sheng (S$198) serves six to eight pax, and boasts a gorgeous presentation that will be sure to impress your guests. 

Get a 15 percent off Early Bird discount until 6 Jan 2023 via Oddle Eats delivery. Additionally, Citi, DBS/POSB, HSBC, OCBC and UOB cardmembers can enjoy 10 percent off their yusheng deliveries from 7 to 23 Feb 2023

To order from The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore on Oddle Eats, click here.
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7. Putien

yusheng delivery - putien
Credit – Putien

Michelin-awarded Fujian cuisine restaurant, Putien, is another yusheng delivery option this coming Chinese New Year. Their Prosperity Yusheng (Abalone) 鸿运发财鱼生(鲍鱼) is a classic yusheng dish that you can get from S$43. Served with abalone, shredded vegetables, crushed peanuts and crisp crackers, you can’t go wrong with a traditional and high quality take on the festive treat.

To order from Putien on Oddle Eats, click here.
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8. A-One Signature

yusheng delivery - a one signature
Credit – A-One Signature

A-One Signature’s Abundance Earth Abalone Yu Sheng 鲍鱼鱼生 combines 12 ingredients to form a robust and satisfying yusheng dish. This yusheng delivery option is suitable for six pax and costs S$33.80

Enjoy a myriad of flavours provided by ingredients like abalone, pok chui, papaya pickles, cucumber pickles, preserved mixed melons, red pickled ginger, sweetened lime, carrots, radishes, crushed roasted peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, pepper powder and cinnamon powder. The Earth Abalone Yu Sheng is topped off with A-ONE yusheng sauce and vegetable oil.

Enjoy 10 percent off A-One Signature’s Earth Abalone Yu Sheng with the promo code ‘HUAT10’ when you opt for Self Pick Up on Oddle Eats.

To order from A-One Signature on Oddle Eats, click here.

9. Orchid Live Seafood

yusheng delivery - orchid live seafood
Credit – Orchid Live Seafood

Why settle for a single yusheng platter when you can enjoy three in a single yusheng delivery? Orchid Live Seafood will be offering three different yusheng options, ranging from S$68 to S$188 per platter.

The Japanese Abalone YuSheng (S$68) is a classic yusheng served with 10 pieces of Japanese abalone. The Geoduck YuSheng (S$88), on the other hand, comes with live geoduck, ensuring the utmost highest freshness. 

Finally, the extravagant Southern Australian Lobster YuSheng comes in at S$188, and is topped with thinly sliced premium Southern Australia Lobster sashimi.

Enjoy free delivery on Orchid Live Seafood’s yusheng on Oddle Eats when you spend a minimum of S$150.

To order from Orchid Live Seafood on Oddle Eats, click here.
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10. Sum Kee

yusheng delivery - sum kee
Credit – Sum Kee

Popular tze char restaurant, Sum Kee, will be presenting two yusheng varieties for delivery on Oddle Eats. Check out the vibrant Salmon Yusheng 三文鱼鱼生, a colourful dish speckled with fresh orange salmon slices, or opt for the Abalone Yusheng 鲍鱼鱼生, which comes studded with delicious abalones.

The Salmon Yusheng will be available for delivery from S$68.80, while the Abalone Yusheng costs S$88.80.

Maximise your savings via Oddle Eats’ Self Pick Up, which will offer a 10 percent discount.

To order from Sum Kee on Oddle Eats, click here.
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11. Wan He Lou

yusheng delivery - wan he lou
Credit – Wan He Lou

Get ready to lo hei your way into an abundant year when you get Wan He Lou’s yusheng delivered straight to you. The ​​Treasures Of The Sea Yusheng 海洋之宝捞生, starting from S$68, comes with nine ingredients and is suitable for a group of four.

Each delectable ingredient used in the Treasures Of The Sea Yusheng holds significance. The tender abalones bring about abundance and surplus throughout the year, while the shredded carrots welcome the arrival of good luck. Sesame seeds and crushed peanuts, on the other hand, are representative of a house filled with wealth — who wouldn’t want that?

For those who may not be familiar with the significance of each yusheng ingredient, Wan He Lou’s yusheng delivery even includes accompanying auspicious phrases to guide you through your lo hei session.

To order from Wan He Lou on Oddle Eats, click here.
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12. Yu Cun Claypot

Yu Cun
Credit – Yu Cun Claypot

Looking to get your yusheng straight from the restaurant yourself? Yu Cun Claypot is a spot where you can conveniently pick up your dishes from their store after placing your order online. Yu Cun Claypot’s yusheng is a classic and delicious option for you this Chinese New Year. The restaurant may be known mostly for its claypot curry fish head dish, but their yusheng is not to be missed either.

The Yu Cun Prosperity Yu Sheng 渔村发财鱼生 costs S$59.80, and is suitable for large groups of eight to ten pax. Why not spruce up your Chinese New Year with this delectable yusheng?

Do take note that Yu Cun Claypot’s items are all only available for pick up, so be sure to schedule a timing to self-collect your yusheng when ordering online.

To order from Yu Cun Claypot on Oddle Eats, click here.

13. Lotus Vegetarian

yusheng delivery - lotus vegetarian
Credit – Lotus Vegetarian

Who said vegans had to be excluded from the lo hei fun? Lotus Vegetarian’s vegan yusheng will be available for delivery on Oddle Eats, perfect for groups with vegan diners. The Lotus Blooming Prosperity “Abalone” & “Salmon” Yusheng 鴻運撈起 (鮑魚三文魚撈生), priced from S$36.80, comes with mock abalone and mock salmon, and is suitable for groups of four to six

Rest assured, for the vegan nature of this yusheng does not compromise its taste or presentation. 

Enjoy free delivery on the Lotus Blooming Prosperity “Abalone” & “Salmon” Yusheng with a minimum order of S$180 on Oddle Eats.

To order from Lotus Vegetarian on Oddle Eats, click here.
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14. Ichiban Boshi

yusheng delivery - ichiban boshi
Credit – Ichiban Boshi

Ichiban Boshi may be a Japanese restaurant, but it certainly stuns with its yusheng delivery selections. The Bountiful YuSheng 豐財聚寶 (S$52.80) is a yusheng set suitable for four to six pax. Served with the freshest salmon imported directly from Norway and their signature Yuzu sauce made with ingredients from Japan, you can be sure to expect a quality dish.

For bigger groups, go for the Auspicious YuSheng 福星報喜 (S$63.80), which has the same ingredients as the the Bountiful YuSheng, but provides a suitable portion size for eight to ten pax.

Why not kickstart your Chinese New Year with a healthier yusheng option? Ichiban Boshi’s online exclusive 6 Treasures Fruits YuSheng 六喜臨門 (S$58.80) serves six to eight pax, and comes with a melange of fresh fruits: pomelo, pear, guava, mango, pineapple and jackfruit. This healthy yusheng delivery option is not to be missed.

To order from Ichiban Boshi on Oddle Eats, click here.
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15. Yum Cha Chinatown

yusheng delivery - yum cha chinatown
Credit – Yum Cha Chinatown

Can’t decide on which restaurant you should place your yusheng delivery on? Why not go for Yum Cha Chinatown, one of Singapore’s most authentic Chinese restaurants? This year, they will be providing two yusheng choices for delivery: the Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng 發財魚生 and the Bountiful Vegetarian Yu Sheng 發财鱼生! 健康捞起.

Both the Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng and the Bountiful Vegetarian Yu Sheng will be available in Small (S$68), suitable for four to six pax, and Large (S$88), recommended for eight to ten pax.

To order from Yum Cha Chinatown on Oddle Eats, click here.
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With the plethora of restaurants and shops selling yusheng every year, Oddle Eats has made the selection and delivery process much more convenient and easy by gathering the best Chinese New Year deals and yusheng available in Singapore on their one-stop CNY shop. Additionally, with the attractive 2 x S$10 vouchers up for grabs, shopping for yusheng on Oddle Eats has never been so enticing!

* This article was brought to you in partnership with Oddle Eats.

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