The 14 Best TikTok Challenges for You to Try ASAP

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Photo credit: Claire Brodsky  - Getty Images
Photo credit: Claire Brodsky - Getty Images

Quick, go give your TikTok profile a vibe check! If you're only collecting saved videos, audios, and DMs from friends that say "omg this literally us," it's about time you finally hit the record button and get TikTok famous. Lay down your digital footprint, bestie!

To get those creative juices flowing, we’ve compiled the 14 best TikTok challenges and trends for you to try. Whether you’re looking for something sentimental, thirst-trappy, or just straight-up vibey (hello, “From tha Back x Miss the Rage” mashup), there’s loads of inspiration for your inner content creator below, songs and dances included. So, go ahead, stop, drop, and scroll. 👇

The Food Dance (Dance Credit: @johnmcginnis36)

My life changed the day I saw Gordon Ramsay do this trend.

The Boyfriend/Girlfriend Application

Modern dating is hard enough, so if we’re shooting our shot on TikTok now, I’m here for it.

“I’m Grateful You’re Mine”

Want to make them fall in love with you even harder? Do this trend. Like, right now.

“Last Kiss” Bridge Audio

⚠ Consider this is a warning to only watch/do this trend if you’re okay with sobbing for the rest of the night. ⚠

This "California Gurls" Dance

Ladies, if you’re man says they don’t wanna do this, they’re l-y-i-n-g! Time to put ‘em in the spotlight. 🥰

The Invisible Transition

Full transparency: this transition isn’t the easiest. But the end result? *Chef’s kiss*

The “Rocc Climbing” Dance (Dance Credit: and @andy.posner)

Grab your Crocs and socks, and learn this dance for the ultimate boost.

Baked Oats

Okay, yes, the baked oats trend filled our FYP a while ago, but now it’s back (with some late fall-inspired options to try 😍). Plus, does cake for breakfast ever get old? The answer is no.

“The Woman Was Too Stunned to Speak” Audio

So sorry, but the shock value in these is better than any M. Night Shyamalan twist.

Opposites Attract Duo

Know someone who’s your polar opposite (but you still love them anyway)? This trend was made for you. ✨

The “From tha Back x Miss the Rage” Dance (Dance Credit: @avajules)


Slow-Motion Night Out

Reminder to take slow-mo vids next time you’re at the club. Promise you won’t regret it.

The “And I think to myself...WTF?!” Audio

Go ahead and save this audio for your next WTF moment.

The Cat Dance

Yes, there’s an entire trend dedicated to filming your cat doing a lil jig. Respectfully, I would like to see them all right now.

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