11 Vegetarian Twists On Summer Barbecue Classics

11 Vegetarian Twists On Summer Barbecue ClassicsHearst Owned

If you think summer barbecues are all about meat-filled hot dogs, burgers, and steaks, think again. There’s a whole slew of exciting vegetarian recipes out there that are inspired by some of the most popular meat-forward grilled dishes—from delicious eggplant “steaks” to spicy buffalo cauliflower kebabs and beyond.

Keep reading for 11 vegetarian twists on summer barbecue classics. You never know, these oh-so-tasty recipes may become your new summer go-tos—even as a non-vegetarian.

Buffalo Cauliflower Kebabs

You may be familiar with chicken and lamb shish kebabs, but these buffalo cauliflower skewers really steal the show. Made with cauliflower, bell peppers, and celery, this tasty dish is served with a tangy blue cheese dressing.

Recipe: buffalo cauliflower kebabs

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BBQ Tofu

This delicious BBQ tofu recipe calls for homemade barbecue sauce, but if you’re low on time or energy, feel free to pick up one from the grocery store.

Recipe: BBQ tofu

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Eggplant Steak Frites With Chimichurri

If you thought eggplant was just for making eggplant Parmesan and ratatouille, think again. This next-level eggplant steak frites recipe transforms this fruit (yes, eggplant is a fruit) into one of the best grilled dishes out there.

Recipe: eggplant steak frites with chimichurri

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Thai-Inspired Grilled Cauliflower Steaks

Cauliflower is one of those vegetables you can pretty much do anything with. Both tasty and filling, this cauliflower steak recipe takes just 25 minutes to make.

Recipe: Thai-inspired grilled cauliflower steaks

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Grilled Balsamic Mushrooms

Just a few minutes and a handful of ingredients are between you and an incredibly delicious barbecue dish you’ll want to serve at every backyard party. Made with cremini mushrooms, garlic, balsamic vinegar, and low-sodium soy sauce, these savory skewers hit the spot.

Recipe: Grilled Balsamic Mushrooms

grilled mushrooms
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Vinegar Coleslaw

This tangy coleslaw is made sans dairy and really checks all boxes. It's not only delicious, it’s also filled with so many feel-good ingredients—including purple cabbage, green cabbage, shredded carrots, apple cider vinegar, and toasted sesame seeds.

Recipe: vinegar coleslaw

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Grilled Corn Salad

Made too much corn on the grill and now don’t know what to do with it? Whip up this grilled corn salad recipe with toasted walnuts, parsley, pickled onions, freshly grated Parmesan, and a squeeze of lime.

Recipe: grilled corn salad

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Zucchini and Cauliflower Skewers with Feta

If you’d never thought you’d see zucchini and cauliflower side by side on a skewer before, then you’re not alone. However, this top-notch recipe is truly something else. Topped with crumbled feta and black pepper, this easy-to-make summertime dish comes together quickly and tastes great.

Recipe: zucchini-and-cauliflower skewers with feta

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Caprese Eggplant Steaks

These grilled eggplant steaks are topped with mouth-watering ingredients like quartered cherry tomatoes, mini mozzarella balls, and a drizzle of balsamic glaze. Yum!

Recipe: caprese eggplant steaks

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Cheesy Portobello Burgers

If you’re looking for a delicious vegetarian burger recipe that doesn’t take too much time (or effort), this cheesy portobello burger is for you. It’s seasoned with garlic and ground mustard powder and served with Dijon mustard and sharp cheddar.

Recipe: cheesy portobello burgers

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Grilled Cabbage Steaks

These grilled cabbage steaks are next-level tasty—they’re topped with chopped bacon, crumbled blue cheese, and scallions. Plus: They're served with a mouth-watering Ranch dipping sauce on the side.

Recipe: grilled cabbage steaks

grilled cabbage
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