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We really didn't think anyone but Britney could pull off a latex bodysuit, but Beyonce left us pleasantly surprised.

11 Britney Spears Outfits That Paved the Way for Other Stars

In her 35 years on this planet, pop princess Britney Spears has contributed much to mankind. She's supplied us with key cultural highlights from the early aughts: Crossroads, metallic crop-tops, K-Fed ... Without Britney Jean, how would we ever know the beauty of red carpet denim or red latex jumpsuits? Who else could have sung our go-to coming-of-age quote: "Not a girl, not yet a woman ..."?

A post-Britney universe is quite frankly unthinkable. In fashion inspo alone, Spears has given us more than we could ever hope for from a single icon. And it's not just us--other celebrities are constantly influenced by the "Toxic" singer. From glittering bodysuits to reptilian accessories, Britney has sparked the most incredible trends amongst members of the entertainment industry.

VIDEO: Britney Spears's Style Transformation

In honor of her birthday, we've collated the many moments in which Britney's iconic outfits have paved the way for her showbiz peers.