10 Tips for Moving in with a Partner to Make for a Stress-Free Move

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Moving is stressful. No matter if you are moving right next door or completely across the country, uprooting yourself consists of, well, a lot of moving parts. Moving can be even more stressful when you are moving in with a romantic partner. This can be a really exciting time for both of you and your relationship, but besides combining your two lives together, you are also combining a lot of stuff. Before you have buyer’s remorse, consider these ten tips that can maybe help eliminate some stress when moving in with a partner.

Ask for Help

One of the best parts about moving in with your partner is that you have doubled your arsenal of family, friends, and people who care about you. That means you have more people to possibly lend a hand when you move. Maybe they can help you pack, plan logistics by renting a truck, or make the move on the actual moving day, do not be afraid to ask for help if needed. Extra hands can help make moving stress-free, and save you on mover's fees. Just be sure to say thank you, order them some food, and remember to help your buddies move as well!

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Be Amenable

Combining all of your belongings, and your lives in general, may cause some points of contention. Yes, your comforter may be blush pink, but maybe your partner would prefer a more neutral bedding color like white. When moving in with a partner, be sure you are both accommodating and amenable to each other. Have patience and don't just bulldoze one another when making decisions about the house, and your partnership!

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Communicate & Plan Clearly

They say communication is key to any relationship, and it's even more important when moving. Before the move, discuss everything with one another and set up a system. Do you want all of the boxes placed in one room and then dispersed later on or do you want the boxes placed in the rooms their contents will end up in? Communication and planning of simple logistics can make the actual move day a lot less stressful for everyone involved.

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Do an Inventory

Don't end up with way more glasses than you can store! Figure out who has what and what you want to keep. Two toasters? Keep the newer one and donate the older one. Love to entertain, but no place for all of your adult beverages for guests? Split the cost of a nice corner bar cart. Taking an inventory before you move can really help you and your partner plan a beautiful shared space.

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Donate, Keep, Sell

Once you complete an inventory, decide what items you want to actually keep and therefore move. For everything else, donate to a local church, an organization like Goodwill, or a women’s shelter. If you have time, you can even have a garage sale, throw some items online, or even do an old-fashioned swap party with friends!.

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Make a Checklist

Besides changing your address with USPS, you will also need to change your mailing address on any accounts such as your bank or credit card company, not to mention any mailing subscriptions you may have to magazines or newspapers. You will likely need to switch over things like cable, internet, renter’s insurance, or utilities as well. There can be a lot to keep track of so make a list and divide it up with your partner so you can get it all done before the big move.

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Pack Your Patience

One of the most important things you can pack when moving in with your partner is patience. Patience with yourself and most importantly, patience with each other. Patience is one of the main items that can help make moving in with your partner, or any move, far less stressful, so be sure to have it on hand in large supply.

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Prepare Ahead of Time

Instead of waiting until the week before you move (or, God forbid, the day of), plan and prepare ahead of time so you have ample amount of time to take an inventory, properly pack and label boxes, and have them stacked and ready to move on the official moving day. Waiting until the last minute will just cause stress, and make it more likely that you'll injure yourself or break something.

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Remember Your Why

No matter how much you plan and prepare, something stressful is bound to arise, so when those moments occur (and they will pop up) take a deep breath and remember your why. Remember why you and your partner decided to move in together in the first place. Maybe you were managing a long-distance relationship that's now thankfully at its end. Perhaps you are ready to take that next step in your relationship and head towards marriage. Whatever your reason for moving in with your partner is, remember it always, but especially on moving day.

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You Are Not Alone

Even if you are very much more than capable of accomplishing a hefty move completely solo, you now have a partner in crime to share the responsibilities with. When you are feeling stressed about the upcoming move or life in general, remember that you have someone to do life with and that you are no longer alone.

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