10 spots for the best late-night desserts in Singapore

Singapore is known for its bustling nightlife, but what about satisfying those sweet cravings past bedtime? There’s no need to worry because our island offers a variety of late-night dessert spots that are open till the wee hours of the morning.

These sweet spots range from traditional dessert joints and ice cream parlours to trendy dessert cafes. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic scoop of ice cream or a bowl of bingsu, chendol or a unique dessert creation, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

So join us on a nocturnal journey to discover the 10 best late-night dessert spots in Singapore!

1. Hay Gelato

dessert - storefront
dessert - storefront

Hay Gelato is another alumni, having been featured by us on our Late Night Deliveries listicle. What we found particularly interesting with Hay Gelato is that the name isn’t just for show— one of their most popular signature flavours is Smoked Hay (S$5.20)!

dessert - waffle and ice cream
dessert - waffle and ice cream

We visited the Katong branch last week and ordered 1 waffle with 4 scoops of ice-cream (S$22.30): Preserved Orange Peel, Dulce De Leche, Vanilla Himalayan Salt and Blue Pea Lavender. Oh my, the Preserved Orange Peel was an intense flavour (I loved it), but the Dulce De Leche turned out to be the clear winner. Sweet, velvety smooth and caramel-ly… absolute bliss!

Intrigued by intricately-crafted gelato flavours? The Rosemary Brown Sugar may be what you are looking for in the middle of the night. It is created in a process of naturally infusing rosemary into a brown sugar mixture over 5 days. Subtle in sweetness, yet unapologetically flavourful, this is the gelato connoisseur’s choice.

Another flavour that caught our eye was Balsamic Strawberry. Close your eyes and imagine the contrast of flavours here. Yes, it tastes exactly like that. For the traditionalists, there is Roasted Cacao and Roasted Pistachio. Let’s just say that they are perennial favourites for a reason.

121 East Coast Road, Singapore 428807
+65 8285 4349
Sun & Tue to Thu: 12pm – 12am
Fri & Sat: 12pm – 1am
Closed on Mon

136 Bedok North Avenue 3, #01-148, Singapore 460136
+65 9663 4254
Tue to Sun: 1pm – 2am
Closed on Mon
Facebook | Instagram

2. Wan Wan Thai Cafe

dessert - cafe
Credit – Wan Wan Thai Cafe

Wan Wan Thai Cafe is definitely picturesque. The decor here features much of the same floral themes and emphasis on pastels that make Cafe Q Classified such an Instagram-able location. Despite being located near Bugis, which is a hotbed of dessert options, Wan Wan Thai Cafe holds its own remarkably well.

The menu is divided into Toast, Dessert Bingsu, Thai Dessert (of course), Waffles, Ice Cream and Drinks.

dessert - toasts
Credit – Wan Wan Thai Cafe

Their signature toast is the Sai Mai Toast (S$12.90). Sai Mai translates to ‘silk rope’ but actually means cotton candy. This cotton candy toast is topped with ice cream for extra oomph. I was surprised at how much mango is piled onto the Mango Toast (S$13.90), too.

dessert - bingsu and coffee
Credit – Wan Wan Thai Cafe

If you are here for authentic Thai desserts, the delectable but affordable Grandma Recipe Bualoy with Ice Cream (S$7.90) is the way to go.

127A Bencoolen Street, #02-127, Singapore 189637
+65 6336 8812
Daily: 12.30pm – 3am

3. 2am:dessertbar

dessert - bar

2am:dessertbar may not be open till 2am but the menu more than makes up for the midnight close time. Celebrity chef Janice Wong can always be expected to push the boundaries with her never-ending parade of personalised twists on desserts you thought you knew.

desserts - chocolate cake
desserts - chocolate cake

Our old favourite here is the Chocolate H20 (S$22), where chocolate water mousse, salted caramel, yuzu sorbet, chocolate soil and burnt caramel parfait play very well together.

Chef Janice has even created a section of Keto & Plant Based Desserts— you’ll be hard-pressed for an excuse not to indulge after hours. The Coconut Crunch (S$8.00) is my pick from this bunch. Looking for a light and flame show with your nightcap to end the night? Ask for a Lucky Charm (S$24) cocktail of Oban Single Malt Scotch Whisky served with a torched mint marshmallow.

21A Lorong Liput, Singapore 277733
+65 6291 9727
Tue to Sun: 1pm – 12am
Closed on Mon
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4. No Horse Run Gelato

dessert - no horse run

An unusual name, a very unique logo and some of the best gelato to be had in Singapore at 1.30a.m. – that’s No Horse Run Gelato for you. Tucked away in Yishun, quite a distance form most of Singapore’s popular dessert spots, it has still been making waves for years.

dessert - waffles

They have 3 local flavours, of which 2 are my must-try recommendations: Cereal Milk (S$17.50) and Roasted Black Sesame (S$17.50). Lemongrass Pandan (S$17.50) is one of the 5 flavours on the Classic menu. I don’t know if I would actually classify it as a “classic” but I can definitely vouch for the rich, lively taste.

Move on to the Premium section and I’d suggest you make Roasted Bronte Pistachio (S$18.50) your first pick. For a touch of softness in pink, the Strawberry White Peach Sorbet (S$19.50) is wonderful.

Best of all? Order more than S$60 worth of your fave gelato and they deliver free of charge!

160 Yishun Street 11, #01-216, Singapore 760160
+65 8385 3839
Daily: 2pm – 2am
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5. Grin Affair

dessert - cafe

Most desserts put a grin on your face but Grin Affair gives you a responsible-eating grin as well. All their products are completely free of artificial flavourings, preservatives and thickeners. They strive to use less sugar without compromising on the dessert-ness of the desserts, too. With oil kept to a minimum as well, their range is light and easy on your body.

Grin Affair’s Gelato Pints are to grin for, especially one of them: Butterscotch (S$16.90). They are one of the few brands that do this flavour, which confounds me. It’s staggering that most Singaporeans haven’t ever even tasted this magical concoction which is so easily available (and popular!) in other countries.

dessert - dessert jars
dessert - dessert jars

Want to eat your ice-cream with your pinky finger sticking out? They have Earl Grey (S$14.90) and Matcha (S$14.90), too. Moussecakes are their other specialty. I recommend the light and simple Banoffee (S$7.70) and Durian D24 (Premium) (S$9.90).

Chope Reservations
Chope Reservations
Chope Deals
Chope Deals

Block 505D, Bishan Street 11, #01-408, Singapore 574505
+65 8800 6600 / +65 8222 2678 (Wholesale)
Mon to Thu:  1pm – 1am
Fri: 1pm – 2am
Sat: 12pm – 2am
Sun: 12pm – 1am
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6. Lickers

Lickers has made the cut for our listicles twice before, first as one of the 10 Heartland Cafes In Singapore With Great Ice Cream & Waffles and last year on our Ultimate Guide to the 13 Best Waffles in Singapore. No surprises, then, that all 3 Lickers outlets which close at 2am every day (shut on Mondays) also made our late-night dessert cafes list.

dessert - waffles and ice cream
dessert - waffles and ice cream

They’ve got an interesting way of describing ice-cream servings. A single is Lonely (S$3.90) while a double is a Buddy (S$6.90). Premium Flavours (add S$0.80) and Supreme Flavours (S$6.50) are also available.

If you opt for a Waffle (S$5), you can upgrade to a Lonely + Waffle (S$8) and even Add Scoop (S$3). Meanwhile, their 400g pints are available as Regular (S$12), Premium (S$15) and Supreme (S$28.90). My recommendations are chewy Honey Comb in the Regular range, the exotic Chrysanthemum Ginseng from Premium, and the Supreme range’s delectable Mao Shan Wang.

Block 124 Hougang Avenue 1, #01-422, Singapore 530124
+65 8778 0758
Tue to Thu: 1pm – 2am
Fri to Sun: 12pm – 2am
Closed on Mon
Facebook | Instagram | Website

7. Tian Wang

dessert - mahjong wall at cafe

What do mahjong and desserts have in common? Apparently, Tian Wang. Situated on Jalan Besar, this mahjong-themed dessert cafe is right next to popular dim sum spot, Swee Choon. Open till as late as 3am, this is the place to be for traditional desserts that have stood the test of time.

dessert - durian desserts

Durian lovers, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, just go directly to the Durian Mango Pomelo Sago (S$10.80). Each order of this beautiful and aromatic creation is served with an overladen scoop of fresh mao shan wang flesh. The visual delight is complemented by large chunks of sweet, juicy mangoes. While the perfect sweetness of the mango highlights the bitter-sweet mao shan wang flavour, tangy pomelo pulp completes the trifecta of tasty treats.

dessert- tradtional desserts

Second place is a tie between the Matcha Snow Ice with Azuki Red Beans and Aloe Vera Ai-Yu Ice. That just means you should have both.

145 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208863
Tue to Thu: 5pm – 2am
Fri: 5pm – 3am
Sat, PH & PH eve: 3pm – 3am
Sun: 3pm – 2am
Closed on Mon
Facebook | Instagram 

8. Cold Flings

dessert - storefront

Gelato, waffles and acai— that’s the straight-to-the-point self-description from Cold Flings. Open till 2am every day of the week, this Sengkang dessert cafe is ever the reliable option for a late-night sugar craving. Indoor seating is limited to about 15 but what it lacks in space, the place makes up for with good, quality sweet treats.

I prefer one of the long tables on the outside— they are perfect for when we go in a larger group or even to meet new people after the witching hour. It’s hard not to notice the contrast between the minimalist themes of the decor and the explosion of colour of the desserts. My, how they pop!

dessert - acai and waffles

Premium flavours (the basic ones) are available as a single scoop (S$4.50) or double scoop (S$8). A step above are their Gold flavours, also available as a single scoop (S$5.50) or double scoop (S$10). You can get Waffles (S$6) in either pandan or butter flavour, and they are superb with the ice-cream.

21 Fernvale Road, High Park Residences, #01-05, Singapore 797637
+65 8886 4095
Mon to Fri: 5pm – 2am
Sat & Sun: 12pm – 2am

9. Foursome Icecream & Waffle

dessert - horse neon light

I laughed out loud when I first entered Foursome Icecream & Waffle and set eyes on a neon sign inside the premises. It’s of their mascot— a unicorn— holding aloft an ice-cream cone as it seemingly does a ‘dab’. That playful vibe runs right through this fun, easy-going dessert joint.

dessert - brownie and waffle with ice cream collage

Your choice of non-premium ice-cream flavours includes Cotton Candy (my favourite), Yubari Rock Melon (very popular!), Snickers, Chocolate Rocky Road and Gula Melaka. Add S$0.80 for their 6 premium flavours that include Speculoos Biscoff and Espresso Biscoff. Toppings are an additional S$0.50 each and you can ask for a waffle cone for S$1. Fudgy brownies are also on the menu.

Drop in early to try their Awesome Happy Hour offer of 1 Waffle + 1 Scoop (Non-premium) (S$4.50). It is available every day from 5.30pm to 8pm.

22 Sin Ming Road, #01-218, Singapore 570022
+65 6513 6302
Mon to Thu: 6.30pm – 1am
Fri & Sat: 6.30pm – 2am
Sun: 11.30am – 1am
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10. Burnt Cones Gelato

dessert - burnt cones
dessert - burnt cones

Burnt Cones Gelato earned a 4-star rating from us last year and you can rad the full review here.

dessert - smokey dessert
dessert - smokey dessert

We tried the popular Smoked Waffle (S$10) and paired it with two gelato flavours, Ube and Earl Grey (S$9 for two scoops). The waffle is served theatrically under a glass cloche, obscured by smoke. A server removes the cloche with a flourish, releasing the sweetish smoke that lingers interestingly in the waffle.

dessert - yam ice cream with waffles
dessert - yam ice cream with waffles

Ube is a purple gelato made from Filipino yam. It has a very balanced flavour and the taste, while sweet, isn’t cloying. The Earl Grey has a strong bergamot taste accompanied by a slight herbaceous aftertaste. It has a slight bitter flavour of the tea that cuts through the general creaminess of the gelato. 

dessert - brownie
dessert - brownie

The Valrhona Brownie (S$6) with Stracciatella (S$5) is another good choice. The dark chocolate brownie is chewy and slightly sticky. Paired with a Stracciatella gelato, which has chocolate pieces for a nice crunch, it was divine.

1 West Coast Drive, NEWest, #01-67, Singapore 128020
+65 9711 1097
Mon to Thu: 11am – 10pm
Fri to Sun: 9am – 11pm

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