10 reasons to get the NETS Prepaid Card for yourself and your family

Young woman making online payment with a card.
Young woman making online payment with a card.

Tired of digging through your wallet at a cash-only store only to come up short? Or missing the bus because there’s no way to top up your transit pass on-the-go? Make these nightmare scenarios a thing of the past by switching to the NETS Prepaid Card. As the most ubiquitously accepted payment method in Singapore, the NETS Prepaid Card delivers unparalleled convenience in addition to a host of smart functionalities. Here are 10 reasons to ditch the overstuffed wallet and get a NETS Prepaid Card instead!

1. One card is all you need

From the morning commute to after-work shopping and drinks, busy urbanites stop at many mass transit stations and retail points on a daily basis – each with their own accepted forms of payment. Compatible with SimplyGo, the NETS Prepaid Card lets you make contactless payments on public transit and at all NETS retail points, including businesses that don’t accept debit and credit cards.

2. Ready to go

The NETS Prepaid Card is immediately ready for use – no credit checks or long forms to complete. This makes the card accessible to everyone, from young professionals to domestic helpers and dependents. Anyone can simply head to the nearest TransitLink Ticket Office or convenience store and pick up a NETS Prepaid Card for $10 (with $5 preloaded).

3. It’s safer than carrying cash

If you lose your wallet, the cash is gone forever. But if you lose your NETS Prepaid Card, you can instantly lock it via the NETS App to prevent a stranger from draining your hard-earned dollars. The balance from a lost NETS Prepaid Card can also be refunded straight to your bank account for convenience and peace of mind.

4. Be smart with your spending

With the NETS Prepaid Card, your spending is limited to the stored amount. Want to rein in your everyday expenses? Set additional spending limits and alerts via the NETS App to ensure that you stick to your budget.

5. Top up anytime, anywhere

The NETS Prepaid Card lets you top up on the go via the NETS App. No more queuing at ticketing machines or convenience stores! If you think two steps are too many, you can also choose Auto Top-Up. Just save your NETS bank card, credit card or debit card details on the NETS App for faster top-ups and set the account balance threshold along with the automatic reload value. What’s more, you can link your NETS account with up to 10 Prepaid Cards, so you can top up remotely for yourself and your family.

6. Easily manage multiple cards

NETS Prepaid Card helps you to budget effectively for your entire household. All outgoing expenses as well as top-ups for linked cards are clearly accounted for in the NETS App, so you can keep track of your household finances. The lock function and spending limits can be applied to all linked cards from a single NETS App account for seamless control.

7. It’s great for parents and elderly relatives…

The user-friendly card makes it easy for parents and elderly relatives to tap and pay for their daily needs, from public transport to household goods and healthy meals. Top up their cards remotely to ensure that your loved ones are always looked after.

8. …and domestic helpers

Make sure your domestic helper always has money for groceries and household errands with the NETS Prepaid Card. No more running to the ATM to withdraw cash at the last minute! The NETS Prepaid Card also lets you avoid the messiness of bundled receipts, as all expenses can be tracked on the NETS App for transparent and convenient management.

9. Spend in style

Order a NETS Prepaid Card with your very own customised design from the NETS App. This isn’t just a fun way to jazz up your wallet; it also makes the NETS Prepaid Card the perfect gift for any occasion. As a gift card, it offers countless ways for your loved ones to treat themselves however they wish, while the customised design adds a delightful personal touch.

10. No annual fees or regular replacements

Unlike debit and credit cards, the NETS Prepaid Card comes with zero annual fees!

With its intuitive functions and wide acceptance, the NETS Prepaid Card is the smart and stress-free way to pay. Get yours now at any TransitLink Ticket Office or various 7-Eleven and Buzz locations. Each card retails for $10 and comes with $5 in stored value.

This content was produced in partnership with NETS.