10 best waffle makers for a quick, hassle-free brekkie

Are you a fan of waffles but tired of wasting money on pre-made, preservative-filled frozen ones? Invest in a waffle maker to enjoy fresh, homemade waffles whenever you want. In this listicle, we’ve rounded up the 10 best options available in Singapore, based on features, quality, price and customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking for a basic and affordable option or a high-end one with multiple functions, here are the 10 best waffle makers.

1. Happycall Waffle Maker

Waffle maker - HappyCall
Credit – Lazada
  • Cook on both sides without worrying about smell or smoke

  • Ceratinium triple coating

  • Baked at 450⁰C high heat

  • Ceratinium triple coating

  • Overflow prevention

  • Convenient locking handle

Buy now from S$69.50 on Lazada  Shopee

2. Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker WAF-V100KR

Waffle maker - Cuisinart WAF V100KR
Credit – Lazada
  • Innovative vertical design

  • 5-level temperature control

  • Non-stick waffle trays

Buy now from S$95.03 on Lazada  Shopee

3. PowerPac Waffle Maker PPT252

Waffle maker - PowerPac PPT252
Credit – Lazada
  • Die-cast grill plate

  • Durable non-stick coating

  • Side lock

Buy now from S$19.90 on Lazada  Shopee

4. Russell Taylors x Sanrio Hello Kitty Waffle Maker MW-25

Waffle maker - Russell Taylor Hello Kitty MW 25
Credit – Lazada
  • Easy to use 1-3 minutes preheating

  • Compact & lightweight

  • Dual-sided cooking surfaces

  • Non-stick plates

Buy now from S$35 on Lazada  Shopee

5. Severin SA 2968

Waffle maker - Severin SA2968
Credit – Lazada
  • 3-in-1 function with interchangeable plates: sandwich, waffle & grilling plates

  • Non-stick coating

  • Heat insulated handle with locking clip

  • Space-saving vertical storage

Buy now from S$59 on Lazada  Shopee

6. Rommelsbacher Waffle Maker WA1000E

Waffle maker - Rommelsbacher WA1000E
Credit – Lazada
  • Chic and easy to clean brushed stainless steel casing

  • Baking surface: 18 cm diameter, for 5 waffle-hearts

  • Non-stick plates

  • Infinitely variable temperature regulation for individual browning

  • Integrated cord take-up

  • Space-saving upright storage

Buy now from S$90 on Lazada  Shopee

7. Cornell 3-in-1 Waffle, Donut & Sandwich Maker CSME1105S

Waffle maker - Cornell CSME1105S
Credit – Lazada
  • Non-stick coating plate

  • Exchangeable sandwich / donut / waffle plates

  • Power and ready indicator lights

  • Automatic temperature control

Buy now from S$48 on Lazada  Shopee

8. HODEKT 2 in 1 Waffle & Sandwich Maker

Waffle maker - Hodekt
Credit – Lazada
  • Thick dual-side baking pan for even heating

  • Teflon non-stick plates

  • 240°C circuit breaker mechanism,150° temperature control protection, anti-burn design


  • Portable design

Buy now from S$28 on Lazada

9. Simplus WaffleSandwich & Panini Maker

Waffle maker - Simplus 2in1
Credit – Lazada
  • Exchangeable waffle and sandwich plates

  • Non-stick coating

  • Safety Lock Clip

  • 3-min fast heating

Buy now from S$25 on Lazada  Shopee

10. Tefal Waffle & Sandwich Maker SW343

Waffle maker - Tefal SW343
Credit – Lazada
  • Interchangeable non-stick plates

  • 2 pairs of plates: Waffle; Panini

  • Easy to remove; use and clean

  • Plates are dishwasher safe

  • Locking latch for safe use

Buy now from S$128 on Lazada  Shopee

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