10 best stalls at Bedok Corner Food Centre

Bedok Corner Food Centre is one of the most popular foodie haunts in the East. It’s not very far from where I live and has been one of my favourite fallbacks when I am food hunting in the area. There are over 30 eateries here and that variety of choice produces an exciting blend of different cuisines, price points and dining atmospheres.

Here are the 10 options that have made a name for themselves over years of operation, and that I enjoy myself.

1. Bedok Corner Hokkien Fried Squid Prawn Mee (#01-29)

bedokcorner - stallfront
bedokcorner - stallfront

Does halal Hokkien mee taste different? You can answer that question for yourself after a visit to Bedok Corner Hokkien Fried Squid Prawn Mee, a stall that changed its recipe after almost half a century of success. Despite the lack of pork and lard, their new version seems to be pulling in consistent crowds.

bedokcorner - hokkien mee plate
bedokcorner - hokkien mee plate

Their Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee (S$5/S$7/S$10/S$12) comes with yellow egg noodles as well as bee hoon braised in seafood broth. Tiger prawns and fresh squid make up the rest of the ingredients, together with a beautifully flavourful (and super spicy) sambal belachan.

One of the greatest tests of Hokkien mee is balancing the level of wetness. I believe this stall comes close to attaining the ideal balance despite the new recipe. 

+65 9698 9369
Wed to Mon: 11am – 7pm
Closed on Tue

2. Yang’s Epok–Epok (#01-04)

bedokcorner - storefront
bedokcorner - storefront

Omg, that crispy crust! Yang’s Epok-Epok must make some of the crispiest, most delicious and most frighteningly addictive curry puffs anywhere. It’s a relic from the old days when there was no systematic product testing, just people voting with their feet and wallets. Now run by the grandchildren of the woman who began it from her kampung decades ago, the stall continues to attract snaking queues and build new fans.

bedokcorner - epok epok

They sell just 2 kinds of epok-epok, the ones with a potato filling and the ones with sardine. You can tell them apart by the crimping— the former are hand-crimped while the latter are crimped using a fork. Each one costs just S$0.60, which is commendable in itself. They also sell Goreng Pisang (S$0.60) if you prefer a bit of a sweetness in your life.

Wed to Sun: 11am – 10pm
Closed on Mon & Tue

3. LaksaMana (#01-19)

bedokcorner - storefront
bedokcorner - storefront

LaksaMana is a play on the Malay word for admiral which, went split, translates to ‘Which laksa’. That, in turn, is a reference to the 3 types of laksa that they specialise in— Laksa Singapura, Laksa Penang and Laksa Johor. There’s a little infographic at the stallfront that explains the difference between each.

bc - laksa

Laksa Singapura (Regular S$4, with Prawn S$5.50, with Cockles S$5.50, Premium S$7) is what we commonly know as Katong Laksa. It is given away by its flaming orange hues. The flavour is a heady mix of indulgent coconut milk and little pinpricks of spice.

Penang Laksa leans towards tangy, pushed that way by tamarind, slices of pineapple and the mackerel that complements them well. There’s also the welcome addition of crunch from the cucumber.

Laksa Johor is made using spaghetti in a broth of laksa kuah that also involves fish paste, chilli, spices and herbs, all topped with fresh vegetables. The thick brown semi-dried kuah makes for an ‘interesting’ aesthetic but backs it up with oodles of taste.

+65 9005 2651
Mon to Fri: 11am – 9pm

Sat: 9am – 9pm
Sun: 9am – 7pm
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4. Persian Tandoor (#01-18)

Persian Tandoor first opened over 3 decades ago in 1990. It has since become one of the most recognised names at Bedok Corner and is especially renowned for its soft baked naan. Despite the name, Persian Tandoor specialises in North Indian cuisine, albeit with meat-heavy influences.

There is the trifecta of popular naans, Plain Naan, Garlic Naan and Butter Naan but also 2 lesser-known varieties, Sesame Naan and Methi Naan (methi is Hindi for fenugreek).

The Stuffed Naan section has more surprises, particularly Pizza Naan. Cheese Naan, Keema Naan (with minced meat), Paneer Naan (with cottage cheese) and Masala Kulcha. From the tandoori, the highlights are the always-reliable Tandoori Chicken (1 pc or whole), Chicken Tikka (4 pcs) and Sheesh Kebab.

Vegetarians have choices that include Mixed Vege, Chana Masala, Vegetable Keema and Bindi Masala.

bc - mediterranean set meal
bc - mediterranean set meal

I absolutely love the Mediterranean Set with Fish Shashlik (S$9), and had to try the Chicken Shashlik (+S$7) as well. The set comes with rice, fish curry and vegetables. I must emphasise how impressed I was to find such high quality Persian fare at a hawker centre. Totally yum!

+65 9059 6031
Tue to Sun: 12pm – 9pm
Closed on Monday

5. Green Sky Fried Kway Teow (#01-14)

bc - storefront
bc - storefront

Green Sky Fried Kway Teow is distinct at Bedok Food Corner both by name and by their repertoire. The focus here is on Chinese dishes that are popular across Singapore, all made with their own spin.

bc - fried kway teow and oyster

Among the most popular are their Fried Oysters (S$5/S$8) which is unsurprising given the Singaporean proclivity for seafood. You see that also with their Seafood Fried Kway Teow (S$5/S$7) and the Cockles Fried Kway Teow (S$4/S$5).

Carrot cake is another evergreen Singaporean favourite and you can select between the White Carrot Cake (S$3/S$4/S$4.50) and Black Carrot Cake (S$3/S$4/S$4.50). Oh, you can’t choose? Never mind, there is also the Fried Carrot Cake (Black+White) (S$5).

It may not be the most diverse menu but what they do, they do well!

+65 9327 6607
Fri to Wed: 12pm – 9pm
Closed on Thursday

6. Bamboo Nasi Rendang (#01-01)

If nothing else, you know exactly what you will get when you visit Bamboo Nasi Rendang just from the name. Bamboo has long been used as a container for cooking and the obvious advantage is how it infuses flavour into the rice.

There is also the retention of moisture that makes for better taste and don’t forget the visual appeal of seeing your food emerge from the bamboo shoot, either. Bamboo Nasi Rendang gives you all this but the food is wrapped inside banana leaf, which adds to the moisture and flavour.

bc - bamboo nasi rendang

You can try it with the Nasi Rendang Daging Dalam Bamboo (S$7), Nasi Rendang Rusok Dalam Bamboo (S$10), Nasi Rendang Ayam Dalam Bamboo (S$6), and Nasi Rendang Lamb Shank Dalam Bamboo (S$20). They are beef, ribs, chicken and lamb shank respectively cooked in bamboo.

+65 9898 2001
Fri to Wed: 8am – 10pm
Thu: 10am – 5pm

7. Noi Kassim Barbeque (#01-27)

bc - storefront
bc - storefront

Noi Kassim Barbeque is the place to go at Bedok Corner for authentic sambal stingray. Their signature dish Barbeque Stingray (S$16/S$19/S$23) is also their hands-down bestseller. The Barbeque Prawn (S$9/S$11/S$16) and Barbeque Sotong (S$9/S$11/S$16) also get their fair share of attention.

bc - sambal stingray

Get a bowl of Rice (S$1) as a general accompaniment but there is also Ikan Bilis Fried Rice (S$5/S$6/S$12), Kampung Fried Rice (S$6), Pattaya Fried Rice (S$6.50) and Thai Fried Rice (S$6/S$7/S$12). Your mum would want you to have a balanced meal so the Kailan and Kang Kong, both available in portions of S$7 and S$9, are a good choice.

I recommend you try the Cereal Prawn/Chicken/Sotong (S$16/S$22) or add on the Fried Egg (S$0.80) if you crave a not-so-healthy side dish, though.

+65 9750 6197
Wed to Sun: 12pm – 9.30pm
Closed on Mon & Tue
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8. Mala Wok (#01-28)

bc - stallfront
bc - stallfront

Let the name serve as warning or invitation because Mala Wok isn’t shy about delivering oodles of the venom straight to your plate. They even have 4 different level of spiciness (with the highest called Pedas Gila which means ‘Insanely Spicy’ so you choose how much time you will spend panting and wheezing).

bedokcorner - woks of food

Their rates are not the most affordable but the quality is reasonably balanced. For the Mala Hot Pot, you get the Pot Base (S$1), Beancurd/Vegetables (S$1 per 100g), Mushroom/Chicken (S$2 per 100g) and Seafood/Beef (S$3 per 100g). Add Rice for S$0.80 or Noodles for S$1.

The best of their standalone dishes are the Chong Qing Grilled Fish (S$2), Chong Qing Pickled Veg Fish (S$10), Boiled Beef (S$12), Griddle-Cook Prawn (S$16) and Griddle-Cook Chicken (S$12). A plate of Tomato Fried Egg (S$5) or Szechuan Spicy Chicken (S$9) will help things along nicely.

+65 8235 7428
Tue to Sun: 11.30am – 9pm
Closed on Mon
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9. Satay Solo (#01-09)

bc - satay stall
bc - satay stall

No, the ‘Solo’ in Satay Solo doesn’t mean they only do one type of satay; it’s a reference to the origins of their recipe in Solo on the Indonesian island of Java. The current owners’ family emigrated from there before WWII and that’s a win for Singapore! The stall itself has won several awards, including 2nd place for Best Satay in Singapore as judged by a panel on TV channel Suria.

bc - table full of food

They specialise in a variety of kampung-style dishes, including the ever-popular Nasi Jenganan (S$7) and Nasi Rawon (S$7). The former is really special. How much so? It’s available only one day a week, on Sunday.

Join the snaking queue on the day and be regaled by the spicy peanut sauce poured over tempeh, fried bean curd, kangkong and bean sprouts. The meat is paru (fried beef lung), accompanied by sotong and rice.

+65 9711 0116
Tue to Sun: 11am – 8.30pm
Closed on Mon

10. Suka Ramai Mama Power (#01-26)

bc - stall
bc - stall

Suka Ramai Mama Power made it to our list of 10 best places to get mee goreng in Singapore, mamak style last year and they aren’t done yet. The Suka Ramai part of the name means ‘Everyone’s Favourite’ and it’s fair to say that it’s an almost literal name.

bc - plate of mee goreng

I noted the last time that their Mee Goreng (from S$3.80) does come in a pretty small portion if you choose the most affordable one, but there’s no compromise on taste. There are a number of rather uncommon add-ons you can select from, including cheese fries, for an interestingly indulgent meal.

There’s also their Roti John Steak (Chicken/Sardine) is a nice, greasy way to end a night of drinking. They also have a version filled with Mutton instead.

+65 9425 2537
Tue to Sun: 11am – 9pm
Closed on Mondays

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