10 best makan places in Johor Bahru City Square

Johor Bahru City Square remains a beloved shopping destination for both locals and tourists, offering a delightful experience for shopping, dining, and exploration. Established in 1999, this mall has captured the hearts of many, particularly due to its convenient location near the JB checkpoint, attracting an impressive 1.5 million visitors every month.

For those who share my passion for discovering diverse dining options within the mall, you’re in for a treat. Here are the 10 best makan places in Johor Bahru City Square for you to explore.

1. Dragon-i Peaking Duck Restaurant (Lot J3-35,36, Level 3)

Dragon-i Peaking Duck Restaurant - Store front

Dragon-i Peaking Duck Restaurant in Johor Bahru City Square is the sole representative of its kind in southern Malaysia, as it is 1 of only 4 outlets across the country. This Chinese establishment, celebrated for its authentic Shanghainese cuisine, has been a culinary gem since its establishment in 2004.

The restaurant consistently provides a remarkable dining experience for enthusiasts of Chinese cuisine, emphasising authenticity by enlisting highly-skilled chefs from Shanghai, Lanzhou, and Hong Kong.

Dragon-i Peaking Duck Restaurant - Peaking duck

At Dragon-i, the Whole Peaking Duck (RM188) offers a delightful 3-course meal. The 1st course allows you to create a personalised wrap using a thin pancake sheet, along with homemade BBQ sauce, crispy duck skin, duck meat, julienne cucumber, green onion, and honey lemon.

The 2nd course features Duck Bone Soup with Soft Beancurd, while the 3rd course offers a choice of a special dish— Deep Fried Duck Bones with Salt & Pepper, Stir Fried Duck Bones in Hunan Style, or Braised Rice Noodles with Black Truffle and Shredded Duck Meat.

Dragon-i Peaking Duck Restaurant - Food

Other dishes available at Dragon-i include La Mian with Braised Beef Brisket (RM32.80), Deep Fried Soon Hock with Sweet and Sour Sauce (RM20 per 50 grams), Fried Rice with Deep Fried French Pork Chop (RM30.80), and more.

+607 222 1288
Mon to Thu: 11am – 2.30pm & 5pm – 9.30pm
Fri to Sun: 11am – 9.30pm
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2. Ho Seng Kee (Lot J6-07, 07A, 08 & 08A, Level 6)

Ho Seng Kee - Store front

For the ultimate wantan mee experience, Ho Seng Kee is your go-to destination. What sets this eatery apart is its daily preparation of freshly handmade noodles using a combination of duck and chicken eggs, along with high-protein wheat flour. This meticulous process imparts a unique flavour to the noodles, distinguishing them from commercially available pre-packaged varieties.

Ho Seng Kee - Wantan mee

Indulge in the Wantan Mee (RM15 for medium, RM22 for large) with the flexibility to choose between dry noodles, expertly tossed in your preferred sauce. The dry noodle options include original, black sauce, spicy, spicy and black, or soup version, allowing you to customise your culinary experience.

Ho Seng Kee - Food

Don’t forget to sample the Plant-Based Cutlet Dry Curry Mee (RM28 for medium, RM38 for large), Unagi Protein Mee (RM50 for medium, RM57 for large), and Prawn Dumpling Mee (RM22 for medium, RM29 for large).

You can also order side dishes to complete you meal like Chicken Roll (RM15), Pork Belly Slices (RM20), Char Siew (RM7), Crunchy Spiced Sotong (RM20), and more.

+6012 710 7140
Daily: 10am – 8pm
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3. BornGa Korean Restaurant (Lot MF-23, Level 3)

BornGa Korean Restaurant - Store front

For enthusiasts of Korean barbecue, BornGa Korean Restaurant is a must-visit. This establishment guarantees an authentic encounter with traditional Korean cuisine, employing charcoal grills to prepare your dishes.

BornGa Korean Restaurant - Beef

Explore the offerings from their new menu, such as the LA Tong Galbi (RM110) or the BornGa Ogyeop Bossam (RM85), a steamed pork belly with skin served alongside various side dishes and vegetables. Additionally, there’s the Woosamgyeop Rameyon, featuring spicy ramyeon with beef short plate and a medley of vegetables.

BornGa Korean Restaurant - Food

Other delectable choices include So Galbisal (RM106), Yangnyeom Dwaeji Galbi (RM45), Tong Samgyeopsal (RM42), Budae-jjigae (RM88), Ojingeo Bokkeum (RM45), and more.

+607 207 3348
Daily: 11am – 10pm

4. Penyet Express (Lot MB-03, 04, 05, Basement 1)

Penyet Express - Store front

Ayam penyet, a beloved Indonesian dish embraced by many Malaysians, finds its most delectable rendition at Penyet Express, making it the go-to choice for enthusiasts. Since its opening in 2009, Penyet Express has expanded to 9 outlets across Malaysia, including one at Johor Bahru City Square.

Penyet Express - Ayam Penyet

The Ayam Penyet (RM12.50 for breast, RM13.50 for drumstick) is presented with a side of sambal belacan, fried tempeh, fried tofu, sliced cucumbers, and lettuce. Alternatively, you can savour the Grilled Chicken (RM13.10 for breast, RM14.10 for drumstick) or the Spiced Fried Chicken (RM10.90).

Penyet Express - Food

The menu extends beyond chicken, featuring other enticing penyet options like Penyet” Smashed Fried Beef (RM14.90), Penyet” Fried Pomfret Fish (RM16.90), Fried Mackerel Fish with Sambal (RM12.50 for 2 pieces), and Penyet” Fried Prawns (RM14.90). For a complete meal, consider adding RM3 to transform your order into a set complete with rice and soup.

+6013 991 1660
Daily: 10am – 10pm
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5. Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul (Lot MF-19A, Level 3)

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul - Store front

Craving authentic Penang flavours while in JB? Look no further than Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul, the ideal spot to satiate your cravings. Here, you can relish the exact same chendol that has made its mark at the renowned Penang location.

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul - Asam laksa & white curry mee

Delight in Penang classics like Asam Laksa (RM14.70), Penang White Curry Mee (RM14.70), Penang Prawn Mee (RM14.70), or Kuey Teow Soup (RM12.60). For those longing for nasi lemak, options include Pandan Nasi Lemak Chicken Kunyit (RM17.90), Pandan Nasi Lemak Rendang Chicken (RM20), and Pandan Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah (RM20).

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul - Chendol & rojak

To cool off, explore the refreshing selections of Original Chendol (RM8.90), Chendol White Coffee (RM10.50), or Chendol Durian (RM15.80). Additionally, don’t miss out on the tempting offerings of Ice Kacang Original (RM8.40), Ice Kacang Ice Cream (RM10.50), and Ice Kacang Nutmeg (RM10.50).

+604 262 6002
Daily: 10am – 10pm

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6. Meng Meng Roasted Duck (Lot MF-21A, Level 3)

Meng Meng Roasted Duck - Store front

Finding quality roasted duck rice restaurants in the heart of JB can be a challenge, but Meng Meng Roasted Duck breaks the mould. While many are accustomed to the traditional chicken rice, the unforgettable flavours of Meng Meng Roasted Duck are sure to pleasantly surprise you.

Meng Meng Roasted Duck - Roasted duck

The star dish at this establishment is the Roasted Duck with Chinese Herbs (RM80 for a whole duck, RM40 for half, RM26.80 for a quarter). Widely acclaimed through word of mouth, this dish boasts crispy skin over rich, slightly gamey duck meat, complemented by a harmonious blend of herbs that imparts a juicy kick.

Enhance your feast by adding more protein with options like Roasted Honey Pork (RM100 for 1kg, RM50 for ½kg) or Crispy Roasted Pork (RM100 for 1kg, RM50 for ½kg).

Meng Meng Roasted Duck - Dim sum

For those seeking variety, Meng Meng Roasted Duck also offers a selection of dim sum. Explore delights such as Shrimp Dumplings (RM8.80), Mango and Shrimp Rolls (RM6.80), Creamy Salted Egg Yolk Buns (RM6.80 for a set of 3), Honey Roasted Pork Bun (RM6.80 for 2 pieces), Red Bean Bun (RM3 each), and more.

Daily: 11am – 8.30pm
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7. Street Churros (Lot J3-26, Level 3)

Street Churros - Store front

For a delightful and affordable quick bite, I highly recommend a visit to Street Churros. Crafted fresh to order, these churros promise the crispiest indulgence you’ve ever experienced.

Street Churros - Churros

The Street Churros (RM6.90) come in 3 tempting flavours – cinnamon, chocolate, and teh tarik. Each piece undergoes expert frying and meticulous coating with cinnamon and sugar, delivering a perfect harmony of crunchiness and sweetness with every bite.

Street Churros - Stick churros

Diversify your churro experience with options like Stick Churros (RM10.90), Filling Churros (RM8.90), Filling Churros Bites (RM11.90), Churros Bites (RM9.90), Long Fries (RM10.90), and Churro Fries (RM8.90). Whether you’re in the mood for a classic treat or looking to try something new, Street Churros has an array of options to satisfy your cravings without compromising on taste or your budget.

Daily: 10am – 10pm
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8. Old Chang Kee (Lot J3-18A, Level 3)

Old Chang Kee - Store front

Hailing from Singapore, Old Chang Kee at Johor Bahru City Square stands as one of the limited outlets open in Malaysia. This eatery offers a delightful array of the finest curry puffs and other tasty snacks.

Old Chang Kee - Curry puff

Indulge in Old Chang Kee’s renowned curry puffs, featuring options like the Chicken and Curry Egg Puff (RM3.60), Curry Potato Puff (RM2.80), Sardine’o (RM3.60), Otak-otak Puff (RM4.20), and Cream Mushroom Puff (RM3.50). Not to be missed are the popular Black Sesame Ball (RM3.40), Yam Sesame Ball (RM3.40), and Cheezy Chicken Ball OnStik (RM4.90).

The menu extends to include Chicken Gyoza OnStik (RM3.90), Cheezy Chicken Sausage OnStik (RM4.20), and more, ensuring a diverse and flavourful experience for all patrons. Old Chang Kee brings the authentic taste of Singaporean snacks to JB City Square, providing a tempting treat for locals and visitors alike.

Daily: 9am – 10pm

9. Kyochon 1991 (Lot J3-17, Level 3)

Kyochon 1991 - Store front

Devotees of Korean fried chicken need no introduction to the numerous branches of KyoChon 1991, and the one nestled in Johor Bahru City Square is no exception! Earning the affection of both locals and tourists, KyoChon 1991 offers a diverse selection of fried chicken adorned with unique toppings.

Kyochon 1991 - Fried chicken

Explore the well-known Red Pepper series, the Soy Garlic series, and the tantalising Shinwa smoky taste series. Opt for 8 pieces (RM24.90), 12 pieces (RM35.90), or a generous sharing platter of 20 pieces (RM58.90), the abundance of wingettes and drumettes is sure to gratify. The Honey series, presenting choices of 8 pieces (RM27.90), 12 pieces (RM34.90), or a full 20 pieces (RM44.90), adds another dimension of flavours.

For those overwhelmed by choices, the KyoChon Sampler dish beckons, featuring 3 flavours—Red, Soy, and Honey—on a plate laden with 12 pieces of wingettes and drumettes, all for a reasonable RM37.90.

Vegetarian patrons have reason to rejoice as KyoChon’s Meat-Free series offers an array of delectable options. Revel in enticing dishes like the Meat-Free Schnitzel Bibimbap (RM25.90), Meat-Free Japchae (RM25.90), or the 6 pieces of vegan Future Nuggets for a delightful RM13.90.

+607 220 9980
Daily: 10am – 10pm
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10. Sanook Kitchen (Lot MB-11, 12, 13, 14, Basement 1)

Sanook Kitchen - Store front

Sanook Kitchen assures patrons of genuine Thai cuisine at affordable prices. Upholding the mantra of providing authentic and unpretentious Thai meals at their finest, this eatery guarantees a gratifying experience with everyday Thai dishes.

Sanook Kitchen - Thai Beef Basil Rice

Begin your meal with the Basil Chicken Rice (RM18.90) or Basil Beef Rice (RM18.90), or for an extra RM1, switch to Basil Seafood Rice (RM19.90) or Basil Sotong Rice (RM19.90). Looking for a rice-free alternative? Indulge in a selection of noodles like Tom Yum Hor Fun (RM20.90) or Stir-fried Spicy Tang Hoon (RM19.90).

Sanook Kitchen - Steamed sea bass with chilli

For families seeking a lavish dinner, the expansive dishes such as Steamed Sea Bass with Chilli, Lime, and Garlic (RM48.90), Stir-Fried Prawn with Thai Basil (RM20.90), and Deep-fried Chicken Stir-fried with Cashew Nut (RM20.90) aspire to be the ‘Ultimate Menu Choice.’

Sanook Kitchen - Red Ruby Cendol

Highly recommended by the chef, the Mango Salad (RM10.90) and 3 dessert options— Red Ruby Cendol (RM10.50), Thai Cendol (RM11.50), and Sweet Tapioca (RM11.50) add a sweet conclusion to your meal.

Quench your thirst with a refreshing glass of Iced Thai Milk Tea (RM7.90), Iced Thai Green Milk Tea (RM7.90), or Iced Thai Lemongrass (RM7.90). Sanook Kitchen ensures a genuine Thai culinary experience, making it a perfect spot for a quick and authentic Thai bite.

+6017 748 3862
Daily: 11am – 9.30pm

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