10 best durian stalls in KL & PJ that only the insiders know

No fruit excels quite like durian in its multifaceted flavour with its own delightfully distinguishing pungency, chewy texture, and lengthy finish aftertaste.

If you didn’t get to satisfy your durian cravings during the durian season last  June, we’ve got good news for you. In a report by the Straits Times, we are currently in the middle of a durian supply spike. Bumper harvests from plantations in the Malaysian states of Pahang, Johor and Genting Highlands have resulted in plummeting durian prices.

Inspired by our love for the thorny fruit, we’ve sniffed out the 10 best durian stalls with low prices in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya for your durian fix.

1. Rizky Durian 

Risky Durian - stall

If you’re living near Kota Damansara and haven’t heard of Rizky Durian, you’re really missing out! At Rizky Durian, you can get your hands on different varieties of durian, and at extremely affordable prices.

Risky Durian - durian

Examples are Durian Kawin (RM50 per kg), D24 XO (RM50 per kg) and Tekka (RM90 per kg). If you’re looking to try one of each, the shop also offers a combo of Tekka (1 kg), Kawin (1 kg) and D24 XO (2 kg) at just RM200. It will definitely be a durian feast to look forward to! 

Unable to visit their stall? Fret not. Rizky Durian offers an efficient delivery service. All you need to do is contact them and you’ll be scarfing down freshly handpicked durian within hours! 

Lot 7680, Jalan SS2/24, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
+6012 234 5619
Mon to Thu: 11am – 11pm
Fri to Sun: 11am – 12am

2. SS2 Durian House Stall

SS2 Durian House Stall - stall

If you team durian, the SS2 commercial area in Petaling Jaya is probably the most happening place to feast on the King of Fruits. And SS2 Durian House Stall is one of the more popular places to get durians and for a good reason. They don’t sell just durians, they also have durian buffets, where you pay only RM50 for all-you-can-eat D24 or XO. You can also purchase a kilo of D24 for the low price of RM12!

SS2 Durian House Stall - buffet

Besides the usual offerings of durian on its own, the stall also boasts a menu with a wide variety of yummy desserts including durian cendol, coconut water, rojak, and fruit shakes with a selection of durian, coconut, and mango flavours.

PT1967, Jalan SS 2/61, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
+6012 633 9996
Daily: 12pm – 12am
Facebook | Instagram | Website

3. 318 Durian Stall 

318 Durian - stall

If you’re staying in Kuala Lumpur and are on the hunt for the golden yellow flesh and the creamy Musang King consistency, I’ve got the perfect place for you,— 318 Durian Stall. The Musang King durian sold here is extremely affordable and the prices depend on the grade of the durian. 

318 Durian - durian

1 kilo of Musang King B grade will only cost you RM28 while the Musang King A grade will cost you just a little more, RM38. However if you enjoy the alcoholic, bitter taste of the XO variety, 318 Durian Stall sells them at RM25 per kilo. Don’t be surprised if you see the tables at the stall packed with customers because the prices are that affordable. 

Jalan Gembira, Taman Gembira, 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
+6013 341 3039
Daily: 11am – 11.45pm

4. CKS Durian

CKS Durian - stall

If you’re living in Cheras and are looking for durians, CKS Durian provides fresh durian pulp,so you can save yourself from the hassle of opening the durian. They also have  an amazing variety of durians such as Black Gold, Tekka and Musang King. 

CKS Durian - durian

The Musang King seeded pulp box comes ready-to-eat whilst boasting golden yellow flesh, and a sticky soft ripe creamy texture with a combination of both bitter and sweet— as the Musang King is preferred with its bold coffee bitterness. A kilo of Musang King pulp costs only RM78 and a kilo of XXO durian is priced at RM48

20, Jalan Indah 1/6, Taman Indah, 43200 Cheras, Selangor
+6017 349 5933
Daily: 1pm – 10.30pm

5. DurianBB Park

DurianBB Park - stall

DurianBB started in Hong Kong in 2015 before making its presence in China, Macau and Singapore. It finally reached Malaysia and opened DurianBB Park in Imbi. Unlike conventional durian stalls, this spot offers its own private parking spaces, spacious dining area with ceiling fans, fresh durians, durian sampling platters, durian products and souvenirs, hands washing areas, and washrooms.

DurianBB Park - durian

There are fresh durians everyday at DurianBB Park (during the durian season) and they offer 5 varieties of durians from the orchards in Malaysia. They are Musang King, D101, D13 Golden Bun, Durian Kampung and D24 or XO.

15, Jalan Kamuning, Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Daily: 12pm – 10pm
+6012 313 8699
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6. Chen Brothers Durian & Fruit

Chen Brothers and Durian - stall

One of the most sought after durian stalls in KL is Chen Brothers Durian & Fruit, located in Kepong Baru. It is situated at ‘durian street’ (Jalan Mergastua) where you’ll find several durian stalls lined up on both sides of the busy road. You can reach the stall by taking the KTM Komuter and stopping at Kepong station. The durian street is about a 15-minute walk away.

Chen Brothers Durian and Fruit - durian

They sell a wide variety of durian such as Musang King, Red Meat, D24, D101, Kunyit and Bamboo Leg. Unlike any other reputable sellers, they will guarantee that the fruits you get are 100% edible in the sense that they won’t be ‘potato’ (half ripe), unripe or have worms.

In a case where any such thing happens, they will be more than happy to exchange or reimburse any problematic pulps.

For those of you who love D24, you’ll be pleased to know that this stall  carries lots of them in exceptional quality. Compared to the normal D24 durians that have whitish flesh, these durians are yellow with an outstanding taste – creamy, sweet and bitter.

Jalan Mergastua, Kepong Baru, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
+6017 338 1366
Daily: 12.30pm – 10pm


say heng - stall

Say Heng Durian is known to have over 20 years of experience in the durian industry. Their knowledge makes them experts in their products and services. They also are known for their friendly and helpful service as well as a clean and welcoming environment. Their assortment of durians consists of Raja Kunyit, D24, XO, Tracka, Udang Merah, and more.

Say Heng - durian

Ah Lek, the person in charge at Say Heng Durian is said to have a good nose for Musang King, one of the best durian varieties that one shouldn’t miss. Upon sufficient supply, they serve a good selection of durian varieties for their durian buffet. Here, you can satisfy your Musang King durian cravings for as low as RM28 a kilo

No Petak 11&12, Jalan USJ 14/1k, Usj 14, 47630 Subang Jaya, Selangor
+6012 999 2333
Daily: 12pm – 11pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

8. Brother Durian SS2

Brother Durian SS2 - stall

You can count on Brother Durian SS2 to serve creamy Musang King durian! They’ve been around since March 2018, and if you miss visiting them for your dose of durians, reach out to them for their home delivery rates.

Brother Durian SS2 - durian

The durians arrive fresh on a daily basis and the varieties range from Musang King (RM22 a kilo), D24 (RM15 a piece), XO (RM15 a piece), Old Tree Musang King (RM25 a kilo), Black Gold Musang King (RM45 a kilo), Black Gold King (RM35 a kilo) and XO (RM28 a kilo). You will be pleased to know that the durians are picked from their farms on a daily basis and delivered straight to you, maintaining freshness and good quality. 

Jalan SS 2/67, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
+6019 853 3318
Daily: 12pm – 11pm
Facebook | Instagram | Website

9. Sinnaco Durian Specialist

Sinnaco Durian specialist - stall

If you’re on the hunt for quality durian with decent pricing, you should consider Sinnaco Durian Specialist at Seksyen 19 Petaling Jaya. Their must-try is the Musang King (RM20 for 1 kg), known for its creamy, custard-like consistency. 

Sinnaco Durian Specialist - durian

The shop itself is well-maintained, clean and air-conditioned. If consuming durians at the stall leaves you parched, worry not, you can also refill your water at the water dispenser area. Do keep in mind that they don’t sell durian kampung as they feel the quality is not up to par.

28, Jln 19/3, Seksyen 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
+603 7960 2600
Daily: 12pm – 12am
Facebook | Instagram | Website

10. DurianMan SS2

Durian Man SS2 - stall

Located in the centre of SS2 Petaling Jaya, (one of the oldest townships in Selangor), DurianMan SS2 was featured on CNN, interviewed on the ABC talk show The Quest with Richard Quest, and also visited as part of the Canadian vlogger The Food Ranger’s media tour. Their tagline says it all: The best durian in town.

Durian Man SS2 - durian

They offer a wide range of durians. Amongst them are Mas Pahang, D24, D2, Durian Thraka, and much more. Their all-you-can-eat durian buffet will only cost you RM38 a person. Need to bring durians on a flight home with you? They offer packaging services in order to fit durians safely on board. 

Lot 7680, Jalan SS2/24, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
+6012 234 5619
Daily: 11am – 12am
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