These are the best books to read this month

best books may 2024
The 10 best books to read nowGood Housekeeping UK

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With longer, lighter days and bank holidays a plenty, there's hopefully more time for reading. Whether you want a page-turning thriller, a gripping historical novel or a feel-good read, we've got some great choices out this month.

The Ministry Of Time by Kaliane Bradley

I absolutely adored this time-travelling love story – it’s the perfect mix of witty, sexy and moving. In the near future, a Victorian explorer expatriated from the past is assigned to a young female civil servant to help him assimilate. When their relationship develops into romance, they’re forced to face the sinister reality of the project that brought them together

The Fellowship Of Puzzlemakers by Samuel Burr

A gorgeously quirky read about Pippa, a crossword compiler, who establishes a place for fellow puzzlemakers to gather. It’s also the story of Clayton, who was found abandoned as a baby on the doorstep of the fellowship’s HQ, and his quest to solve the biggest puzzle of all: who he really is.

The Wives Of Halcyon by Eirinie Lapidaki

Three sister-wives join forces against their cult-leader husband in this gripping drama, which asks big questions about faith, family and motherhood. Set against the backdrop of a wild Scottish landscape, rifts begin to appear in the Halcyon community when founder Elijah announces he’s taking another wife – 16-year-old Mim.

Glass Houses by Francesca Reece

Forester Gethin Thomas acts as caretaker for Ty Gwydr, a stunning lakeside house that has stood empty for so long he considers it his own. When the owners decide to sell up – which coincides with the return of the girl who broke his heart – the upheaval throws him off course. A beautiful novel about class, first love and how places can define us.

The Giant On The Skyline by Clover Stroud

I will read anything Stroud writes, and this new memoir is as raw, open and thoughtful as her previous books. Beginning as her family prepares to leave the Oxfordshire countryside to start a new life in Washington DC, she reflects on the meaning of home and how certain places embed themselves into our bones.

Moon Road by Sarah Leipciger

This tender tale tells the story of divorced couple Kathleen and Yannick, who end up on a road trip together after a new discovery in the case of their missing daughter, who vanished 20 years ago. Kathleen is a wonderful character – spiky and obstinate, but also vulnerable and big-hearted.

The Next Girl by Emiko Jean

In a small town in Washington State, girls keep disappearing and detective Chelsey Calhoun, whose own sister hasn’t been seen for 20 years, will leave no stone unturned in the search. But when Ellie Black reappears two years after going missing, Chelsey is left with more questions than answers. If you like dark and twisty thrillers, you’ll love this.

Girls by Kirsty Capes

Sisters Mattie and Nora are estranged after a turbulent childhood with their bohemian artist mother. When a new exhibition of her work is planned, the two women come together to try to stop a biographer who’s getting too close to the truth. There are lots of big emotions in this heartfelt read, but humour, too.

Long Island by Colm Toibin

This long-awaited sequel to Tóibín’s bestseller Brooklyn delivers the same mesmerising mix of elegant and rich storytelling. Eilis Lacey is now living in the suburbs with her husband, Tony, and their children, but when she finds out he’s fathered another child, she returns home to Ireland and the love she left behind.

The Alternatives by Caoilinn Hughes

When eldest sister Olwen goes off-grid, the other three Flattery daughters set out to find her. The new novel from rising Irish star Hughes is a thought-provoking, gorgeously written look at the meaning of sisterhood and the many ways of showing care.

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