These 10 Amazing Renovations Cost $30,000 or Less

The average cost of renovating a home in Singapore is about $50,000, but if you don’t have that much to spare for your renovation, fret not. Proving good design doesn’t mean major costs, these 10 homes have been done up for a price tag of (gasp) $30,000 and below!

1. Keeping built ins simple and open-plan, it manages to fit all the essentials in without feeling cramped. With a combined wardrobe, platform bed and study desk, concealed sliding doors that double as feature walls and more, this home has no shortage of smart storage solutions.

Interior Designer: Charlotte’s Carpentry
Renovation Cost: $22,000

2. Think super white spaces feel clinical? Using of different textures and off-whites to balance things out, this cost-savvy apartment is a case for cheery warmth, even in an all-white space. Pale wood finishes act as an accent colour, with hints of dove greys that keep the home looking light and bright.

Interior Designer: Carpenters 匠
Renovation Cost: $18,000

3. Shoji screens, tatami-style seating and simple, MUJI-esque décor? Tapping on a minimalist sensibility, it’s hard to imagine all that done up for a mere price tag of (yes) $20,000, especially with that ultra-practical see-though kitchen, built-in dining bench (with under-seat storage) or positively zen-like bedroom.

Interior Designer:
Renovation Cost: $20,000

4. Dusky walls paired with rich, wooden accents make this refined abode look more expensive that it is - we’re saying yes to that herringbone wood grain which lends a structured yet classy air. Not just a focus on style, space-maximising tricks are applied - strategically placed tinted mirrors, and a countertop that pulls out to form a dining table that seats 4.

Interior Designer: Posh Home
Renovation Cost: $28,000

5. Proof that a timeless look doesn’t always have to be monochrome, this home plays up its blues in a fun, sophisticated way. The key is to play with colours in accents like the table lamp and rug, on the home’s chevron feature wall, by the window seats and even the built-in TV console. And all that is perfectly matched with warm neutral hues like golds and woods.

Interior Designer: Jubilee Interior
Renovation Cost: $29,000

6. Classic European-styled spaces often have a way of looking opulent - without costing it. Elegant without coming across as over-the-top, detail-heavy elements like its French-molded wall panels are matched with clean lines and minimal décor in this upscale home. A sense of luxury is also accentuated through the use of rich fabrics: brocade curtains, wallpaper and plush, patterned rugs.

Interior Designer: Fatema Design Studio
Renovation Cost: $30,000

7. Packing tons of easygoing charm, this homey HDB flat features bleached-wood finishes and bold, black strokes bring a hint of edgy, Scandustrial style to the space. Plus, it manages to include every girl’s dream - a walk-in wardrobe ‘room’, complete with a vanity table.

Interior Designer: Zenith Arc
Renovation Cost: $25,000

8. With angular shapes as a motif, this smartly designed home uses various shapes to its advantage. Complementing the prism-like TV feature piece, a connecting console below angles up to form a functional dining bench. On its side, a boxy partition piece doubles as a convenient bar counter to hit up some drinks.

Interior Designer: Colourbox Interior
Renovation Cost: $26,000

9. Earthy tones and rustic barn-style doors aside, what really steals the show in this stylish apartment is its structured, open-shelves. Unfolding like a piece of origami into eye-catching, modular cubbies, these floating shelves are perfect displays for all sorts of curios.

Interior Designer: Juz Interior
Renovation Cost: $24,000

10. Keeping built-ins, colour and décor to a minimal to frame that to-die-for view! Using a high-contrast palette of whites and blacks, linear built-ins lend a visual punch and a sense of structure. In the bedroom, subtle pale woods and soothing grey cement screed exude a sense of quiet restfulness.

Interior Designer: Lemonfridge Studio
Renovation Cost: $25,000

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