'Showgirls' Red-Carpet Flashback! The Epic Las Vegas Campfest Turns 20

Meriah Doty

This month marks 20 years since ‘Showgirls’ premiered in all of its overwrought, sleazy, gold lamé glory. Directed by Paul Verhoeven and written by Joe Eszterhas — the salacious team behind ‘Basic Instinct’ — the drama followed the X-rated (or, at least, NC-17) exploits of Nomi (Elizabeth Berkley), a young dancer looking for fame and fortune as a Las Vegas showgirl. The movie would bomb big with both audiences and critics, before later settling into an extended afterlife as a campy, quote-worthy, cult classic. Click through to see the stars walk the carpet at the premiere on Sept. 21, 1995 in Beverly Hills.