This Zoom update will make your meetings more immersive

·1-min read
With the "immersive view" feature, your meetings will become more appealing to watch.

Videoconferencing software Zoom is introducing a new feature called "immersive view," to make your meetings more realistic. It allows you to change the virtual background and to gather the participants in a single scene.

Zoom continues to expand its options in order to address the needs of its users. In an effort to make meetings more comfortable and enjoyable to watch, Zoom now allows participants in a call to be displayed in a virtual background as if they were side by side. Scenes can currently display up to 25 people, with additional participants displayed in a thumbnail strip at the top of the screen.

This new feature is enabled by default for users with a professional account, who are using Zoom version 5.6.3 or higher. It can still be activated via the web portal for other types of accounts.

Hosts can also easily move participants around in these scenes and even resize their image for a more natural experience. On the other hand, the immersive view will not appear in meeting recordings, it is not yet supported but may well be in the future. This is an opportunity for Zoom to catch up with Microsoft, which has been offering a rather similar virtual room feature on its Teams application for several months.

Axel Barre