Mugatu Is Back and His Little Dog Too: See All the 'Zoolander 2' Character Posters!

It’s Mugatu! And he’s more famous than ever, seen shielding himself and his poodle from paparazzi camera flashes in this exclusive poster above. Played once again by Will Ferrell, the fashion mogul has just gotten sprung from jail and is looking to deliver some retribution to our heroes Derek (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson). It’s unclear whether the mega-villain is joining ranks with Alexanya (Kristen Wiig, below) to form an evildoing superteam. But we do know how angry he gets about his lattés

Scroll down to see the other four Zoolander 2 posters that debuted this week exclusively on Yahoo Movies. Zoolander 2 opens on Feb. 12.

Yes, That’s Kristen Wiig Underneath Those Lips:

She’s tanned to a crisp and pumped with so much lip filler she can air kiss you from a mile away. Alexanya Atoz, played by an unrecognizable Kristen Wiig, is the new addition to Zoolander 2 that has everyone buzzing. (Check her out in the exclusive poster above.) While the details of her character aren’t yet completely clear, we do know she’s a style icon — perhaps in the vein of Donatella Versace — and she’s up to no good. Yes, this villainous fashionista appears involved in a wretched plot to kill the world’s most beautiful people. Even though she’s bad to the boning on her dress, you still have to admit her exaggerated mispronunciation of “amazing” is, well, just that.

Come back here tomorrow to see the final one-sheet in our character poster rollout for Zoolander 2, in theaters Feb. 12!

Derek’s Wedgie Disaster Corrects Course:

Where does the fur coat end and the fuzzy dog begin? Derek Zoolander proves he has finally mastered the art of fashion illusion in this exclusive poster for Zoolander 2. It has been 15 years since his famous walk-off disaster that involved arguably the most painful wedgie in history, Derek’s runway magic trick gone terribly awry.

Now, Ben Stiller is reprising his role as the sympathetic airheaded male model in the highly anticipated comedy sequel. And now Derek appears to be pretty tight with former fashion rival Hansel (Owen Wilson, shown in the exclusive poster below). Derek’s wedgie wounds have healed, he’s ready to take on another assassination plot with the help of Hansel and new partner in crime, Interpol agent Valentina (Penélope Cruz, also below).

Meet Penélope Cruz’s Valentina:

She’s a brand new, crime-fighting protagonist in the Zoolander canon, posing in a skintight jumpsuit atop a motorcycle in this exclusive poster. But don’t let her spicy exterior fool you, Valentina, played by Penélope Cruz in Zoolander 2, is an Interpol agent — and former swimsuit model — tasked with recruiting Derek (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) in a mission to thwart yet another assassination plot. (And when she needs to be, she’s also a human life raft.)

Owen Wilson’s Hansel Is Still Making Friends:

Hansel McDonald is back! Owen Wilson is reprising his role as the laid-back fashionisto in Zoolander 2. And it should come as a comfort to know he’s still irresistible to women, as seen above in an exclusive poster for the movie.

In the original 2001 comedy, boho supermodel Hansel was fashion’s freshest face, threatening the top-model status of Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller). Now, 15 years later, Hansel and Derek are totally washed-up and out-of-style, but the frenemies team up to help an Interpol agent (Penélope Cruz) crack a global conspiracy to assassinate the world’s most beautiful people.

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