Zoey Deutch used to make her own clothes

Zoey Deutch at the Golden Globes

Zoey Deutch loved to make her own clothes when she was in school.

The Zombieland: Double Tap actress revealed in an interview with her stylist Elizabeth Stewart for The Hollywood Reporter that she was very experimental with her style when she growing up and would get creative with her old clothes to make new outfits because she wanted to look like Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

"I love thrift shopping and making my own stuff and I was much more out there with it," she shared. "I would like cut denim pants into like skirts 'cause I wanted to match Mary-Kate and Ashley and then I'd wear like lace thigh-highs (boots) and it, urgh, yeah, not good."

While the 25-year-old describes her off-duty style as a mix between "grandma chic", "Amish prairie girl" and a power-dressing lawyer, she is often seen in gorgeous gowns on the red carpet.

Stewart, who also works with the likes of Julia Roberts, Jessica Chastain, and Cate Blanchett, considers the plunging yellow Fendi jumpsuit Deutch wore to the Golden Globes in January to be one of her favourite looks of the past year.

"We were deciding between red or orange or yellow and I went with the yellow," the star said of the hue, while Stewart added, "The yellow was, to me, the magic touch."

Zoey also shared that she was uncertain about wearing the Harry Winston diamond and sapphire necklace because it cost $3.6 million (£3 million).

"She had to convince me about the necklace 'cause it was very expensive," she explained, before adding she got to keep the jumpsuit.

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