Zodiac Monthly Forecast: 7 July – 6 August 2021

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Your integrity and honesty define who you are. While rumours are started by fools, it is the wise who shall nip it in the bud. Try not to overthink matters and corner yourself.

Analyse your situation calmly and you shall find a way out. Due to the Fire Element of the Nine Purple Star and this month clashing with the Grand Duke, you must learn to live in harmony with others to achieve a win-win situation.

This month, China will face an array of disasters and European nations will suffer from unexpected diseases.

Zodiac Sign Prediction: 7th Jul – 6th Aug 2021

zodiac sign prediction
zodiac sign prediction

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You may not be able to work due to poor health and can only recuperate at home. Take the chance to rest well, organise your thoughts, and regulate your lifestyle.

Work is not everything in life, so take the opportunity to restructure your work. Avoid being indecisive in your love life. Learning when to let go can help minimise your losses.


monthly forecast
monthly forecast

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You may receive bad news in various aspects of life that will stress you out. Do not be hasty in dealing with these matters. You have to calm down and give yourself time to think. If you argue with your partner, do not act in a fit of pique. Instead, you should attempt to solve the problem at hand.

Maintain your relationship with your partner and discuss any issue that may come up. As this is not an ideal month for big changes, avoid moving houses and travelling as far as possible.


With plenty of good news coming your way, you will be filled with hope and anticipation. Note down the good news or share them with others to preserve these precious memories. Take note of your spending and cut back on unnecessary expenditures. However, that does not mean that you have to scrimp and save. Think about of how you can increase your sources of income instead!


zodiac sign prediction
zodiac sign prediction

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You have always been considerate, and your colleagues and friends are fond of you. Should you require their assistance, all you have to do is ask. They will be more than happy to lend a helping hand.

With decent wealth luck, you may consider making small bets. However, it is best not to be involved in any risky investments.


This is not a good month for major changes. Moving homes or changing your seat at work may lead to negative effects. If you have no choice, consult a fengshui master for suggestions and solutions.

You should pay more attention to interpersonal relationships as you are prone to arguing with others. There is also a tendency for bad romance to appear this month, so be discerning with the people you befriend.


You may face some changes or adjustments to your position at work, causing you to have many questions that you want answers for. Calm down and think before you act.

Make observations and seek for answers yourself instead of complaining to your superiors. However, you also have to understand that the circumstances no longer matters. What matters is how you deal with the situation.


monthly forecast
monthly forecast

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Good luck will nuzzle you this month and bring you benefactors in your career. If you encounter a good opportunity, assess it seriously.

You may receive gains in your investments, but remember to hedge your risk. After experiencing ups and downs with your partner, your relationship will only become stronger.


Your luck is not looking good and troubles arise one after another before a solution can be found. Even so, you still have to be careful lest unscrupulous people try to take advantage.

The elderly should be careful going up and down the stairs. Hold on to the handrails and do not act without due consideration.


Investment opportunities may come your way, but you need to seize them yourself. Your love luck is brilliant and those who already have partners shall welcome good news.

However, you must be loyal in your relationship. For singles, jumping between various partners will have an impact on your life and career. Allocate more time for exercises to improve your constitution.


You will have opportunities to meet many new friends with common interests. Through your conversations, you may learn new things and forget troubles that have bothered you for a long time.

This will reignite your passion and hope for life. If you need to move house or have surgery, make sure you pick a good day.


You may grow sick of working when there is no grand plan. Work becomes mundane and pointless, even though you are very busy.

You are prone to losses when investing and may spend money without any control. Exercise restrain over spending and be more patient with your partner this month.


You may receive an unexpected windfall but be careful not to brag. You have more personal time and you enjoy spending them alone at home, so why not take the opportunity to enrich yourself? Participating in interesting activities or attending part-time courses will benefit you in the long run.


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