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Zoë Kravitz is certainly someone I’d trust for jewelry advice. The 35-year-old actress, director, model, singer, and daughter of Lenny Kravitz has good taste in her blood, especially when it comes to bodily adornment, and has made a name for herself as one of the best-dressed celebrities on the planet. But even the world’s most stylish people have their sources. A few years ago, Kravitz noticed a pair of conch shell and diamond earrings on her friend, Karina de Rothschild]. “She’s an incredibly stylish person who has amazing taste, so I'm always investigating what she's wearing and what she's into,” she says. It was through her that Kravitz was introduced to the work of jewelry designer Jessica McCormack, whose London-based brand has become a cult favorite of women like Victoria Beckham, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and even the Duchess of Sussex since its launch in 2008.

So, the next time Kravitz found herself in town, she decided to reach out. “When Zoë was in London filming Batman, we’d meet up for coffee or wines, and it would always end in us discussing different spheres of art and beauty and craft, and how our interests in those areas alter the way we experience life,” says McCormack of how their friendship blossomed.

“We got along right away,” echoes Kravitz. “I started going to hang out with her [at the store] and would try things on. It's a very dangerous place to spend time,” she adds with a laugh. “But her work is just so amazing.”

Since then, Kravitz has built a significant collection of Jessica McCormack jewelry, which she wears both on the red carpet and IRL. In fact, McCormack designed the button-back engagement ring Kravitz received from longtime beau, Channing Tatum.

Now, Kravitz is also McCormack’s official brand ambassador. The two worked together on a campaign for the new collection, out today. “My focus when designing is to make jewelry that feels super wearable no matter what size the diamonds are, and we wanted this campaign to really showcase that,” says McCormack. This partnership also coincides with the brand signing a lease on its first retail space outside of the UK, on Madison Avenue in New York, which is slated to open in the first half of 2025.

“I appreciate Zoë bringing her own style and game to the table,” McCormack adds. “This is just the beginning of a long-term creative piece of work, and I couldn’t be more excited.”

Below, Kravitz discusses her love of McCormack’s work and opinions about jewelry in general.

Can you describe for me the Jessica McCormack earrings you saw your friend wearing and what you liked about them?

I think they were made from a conch shell. They were two different colors and had little diamonds on the top. They were just so sweet and special-looking. I thought they were vintage. A lot of Jessica's jewelry looks vintage at first — that’s really what she does so well. Everything feels really personal and thought through, and like something that you've found. Being in her store feels like you're in someone's home, going through their personal jewelry collection.

When you started visiting the Mayfair store, was there anything that you were looking for in particular?

I was. I love earrings, and those earrings did bring me there, originally, but then I fell in love with many of the pieces. I would go and look at something and think about it, and if I couldn't stop thinking about it, then I’d go back and I'd be like, Okay, I'm gonna do this. I was just really drawn to her entire energy as a person and as a brand. Her pieces feel really youthful, modern, and fresh, but also pieces that you can have and love forever. Sometimes it's hard to find that combination, especially with fine jewelry, or pearls, because they can be a little stuffy or something that you can't wear every day. But her pieces are ones you can wear all the time. Her rings and earrings are probably my favorite things. I have a bunch of her gypsets that I think are great because they're just really simple. I have a pair of pearl earrings that I think are really, really beautiful. I love her gold bands, too, because they stack well with everything.

How would you describe your jewelry taste and relationship to jewelry in general? Do you wear jewelry every day? Are you more minimalist? Do you like to dress up?

I've always been the kind of person who lives in their jewelry. I don't really take my rings off when I sleep. I leave them on and then I'll change them after a couple of months. Same with earrings, for the most part. With bigger statement earrings, I'll change them out, but I have many piercings, so oftentimes I'll combine things that I like and leave them on for quite a while. That's what's so great about Jessica’s pieces—they go together and with lots of different kinds of jewelry. You can dress them up or dress them down.

Have you always been into jewelry? Did you inherit anything in your collection? When did you start building it yourself?

I've always been really into jewelry. For me, jewelry was more about adornment. It wasn't about something being very expensive. When I was younger, I would go to flea markets and just buy whatever I could find. I was very into wearing lots of rings and necklaces all at once. But as you get older, you're like, Okay, what pieces am I going to invest in? I'd rather buy fewer things, but things that I can pass down in my family and that I'll have forever.

Personally, I'm in that moment now where I want to invest more, but it can be daunting. What’s your approach when you're investing in a piece?

With things that are expensive, I go look at it, and if I’m still thinking about it in a week, that’s a good sign that it’s not an impulse buy. You really have to take your time to think about it and decide that you feel good about it, but there are moments in life where you're like, I should treat myself, I deserve this, and I'll have this forever. Investing in pieces that you can wear often is important, I think, especially when you're spending a lot of money. I really like to buy pieces that I can wear with an evening gown, but that also work with a T-shirt. Jessica’s gypsets are so great for stacking.

Are there any pieces of jewelry that are not your thing? Do you have any jewelry boundaries?

No, not really. There are some things I wear less, like bracelets, for some reason. Maybe I just haven't found my bracelet yet. Actually, Jessica made a bracelet that I really, really like. It's pretty nuts. I don't know if I would own it, but it’s gold with a diamond in the middle and it's just crazy. But I’m into anklets. I'm into toe rings. I think adornment is so…you know, we're lucky to do it. And again, it doesn't have to be expensive. You can really find beautiful things everywhere.

Do you mix metals, or prefer one over the other?

I like them together. I tend to veer towards gold, but I think mixing metals is great. It's like wearing navy and black together. But lately, I’ve been a gold gal.

It’s funny how we go through phases. I was a gold gal, too, but now I almost only wear silver. Who knows, maybe I’ll switch it up.

Yeah, when you change it up, it's kind of exciting. I definitely had a summer where I was like, I'm wearing silver and this is different for me. It's like cutting bangs, or something.

Do you and Jessica have any plans to collaborate creatively in the future?

Honestly, she's just so amazing, I don't think she really needs me to collaborate with her. But it's something I would be so open to doing.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

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