Zhu Zhengting shares photos of obsessed fans on Weibo

3 Oct – Annoyed by his obsessed fans following him around and taking his pictures without permission, Chinese singer Zhu Zhengting recently decided to do the same to serve as a lesson to others.

As reported on Net Ease, the NINE PERCENT member shared several photos of two women in a face mask, saying that they rang his doorbell and were harassing him and his friends at home.

"I know that you guys are just showing your love, but please do not come near my friends and family. I have already said this many times. This is really crossing the boundaries," he wrote.

Zhu said that such an incident has happened lots of times and that he has already given these fans a lot of chances.

"Don't blame me for not giving you guys any more chances. There were a few who escaped, but I remember your faces. Try coming again and see what happens. I will not just be posting on Weibo, we will see each other at the police station," he said.

Zhu also pleaded fans not to call him on the phone, or come to his hotel rooms, adding that he has already had to change his number twice and would rather not go through with it anymore.

(Photo Source: Zhu Zhengting Instagram)