Zhou Libo exonerated of weapon and drug charges

12 Jun – After more than a year since his arrest, Chinese comedian Zhou Libo is now exonerated of weapon and drug charges against him.

According to Phoenix, the decision was made by Teresa K. Corrigan, Acting Supreme Court Justice of the Nassau County Court during a court session held on 4 June.

Meanwhile, Zhou has decided to plead guilty of traffic violation.

The comedian, along with another man named Shuang Tang, was arrested by the police in Long Island, New York after the Mercedes they were in was seen driving erratically on the morning of 19 January 2017.

The officers then discovered a Colt Mustang 0.38 calibre pistol in the back seat, as well as two bags of cocaine. They were later charged with illegal possession of controlled substances, weapons and firearm.

Speaking to the media after the verdict, Zhou's legal rep, Stephen Scaring said that they are pleased with the ruling.

"The only charge that remain is a minor traffic infraction. It was not in his best interest to go to trial for that. We need to bring this thing to a conclusion," he said.

(Photo Source: News.cn)