Zhang Ziyi remembers the day Leslie Cheung died

6 Apr – Zhang Ziyi recently took to social media to mourn Leslie Cheung to commemorate his 17th year of passing.

As reported on Epoch Times, the Chinese actress, who reposted a photo of the Hong Kong superstar on Weibo, shared that she was actually shooting her 2004 movie, "Jasmine Women" in Shanghai when news of his death was released.

She continued, "At the time, the SARS epidemic was very serious, so there were only a few of us filming. When I heard the news in my car on my way to the set, I kept my head out of the car all the way. Tears kept flowing as the wind kept blowing."

"There is another pandemic this year. Will you also be praying for everybody to overcome these difficulties in heaven? We miss you," she added.

Although the two never worked together, Zhang never missed commemorating Leslie's death every year, and even performed a section of Leslie's classic movie, "Rouge" in one of the episodes of the reality show, "The Birth of an Actor".

(Photo Source: Epoch Times)