Zhang Ziyi laments about Coronavirus epidemic on social media

4 Feb – With her son turning one month old, it should have been a happy occasion for Zhang Ziyi. However, the actress recently took to social media to express her sadness over what is happening in China following the spread of the Coronavirus.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress shared a photo of her baby boy's tiny hand and wrote, "My son has turned a month! Right now, he is feeding quietly in my arms. Little does he know what the nation has been experiencing in the first months of 2020."

"The joy of the New Year is washed away by this sudden epidemic, and at the same time it is sad that health and safety is being threatened. Is it clear to people now where this hurt came from? Will people learn a lesson from this, to be wary and wake up?" she added.

Zhang said that she will tell her children that human power and wisdom are infinite, and that everybody will overcome the epidemic sooner or later.

"I will let him understand that there are treatments for all kinds of diseases in the world, but there is no cure for stupidity ... I hope the children will not repeat the grief we have experienced in the future. Always believe that tomorrow will be better!" she added.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)