Zhang Ziyi explains why she joined "Viva La Romance 2"

Hafizatul Baharudin

13 Feb – Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi is already a legitimate big star, which is why some fans are disappointed when she decided to go the variety show route and joined the second season of the couple reality show, "Viva La Romance".

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who joined the likes of Anita Yuen, Jenny Zhang and Bao Wenjing in season two of the hit show, recently took to Weibo to explain her reason for joining the show after reading many comments expressing frustration with her decision.

She wrote, "Why did Zhang Ziyi participate in the [reality show] with her husband? This is the question that has been asked most by all of you recently, right? Let me explain to everyone. This is indeed an unconventional decision."

Zhang said that everybody already knows her through the roles she played in movies, and each and every one of her characters was used to define "who is Zhang Ziyi".

"However, in 2015, I got married, and I got two more angels in my life! The day I became a wife and a mother, I was given a new understanding of life. These two new identities presented me with many new ideas and curiosities.

"I am trying to learn and explore. Just like Zhang Ziyi - the actor who stood in front of the camera for the first time 20 years ago - this is no different," she said.

Zhang also expressed hope that her fans would open their hearts to accept her decision, and to support the show.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)