Zhang Yingying denies badmouthing Wang Xiaofei's mum Zhang Lan

6 Dec – Zhang Yingying has recently slammed a viral screenshot of conversation that was alleged to be between her and a friend.

As reported on NetEase, recently, some netizens posted several screenshots of an online conversation, alleging that it was between Yingying and a friend, in which the actress badmouthed Wang Xiaofei's mother Zhang Lan, and expressed frustration over the fact that the businessman was still paying for his ex-wife Barbie Hsu - particularly her big mansion, in comparison to Yingying's own small place.

In the same conversation, "Yingying" reportedly told her friend that she was not afraid of being exposed and will reveal everything she knew in the future.

As netizens began to discuss the said screenshots, Yingying took to social media and shared that she has never had a conversation with other people about her living situation.

"The content and chat records are all fabricated, maliciously defaming me, and deliberately intended to cause online uproar. I will reserve the right to take legal action," she wrote.

Wang himself commented under the said post, saying, "For those who have maliciously slandered and fabricated facts, they must be held accountable!"

Zhang Yingying and Wang recently indirectly confirmed their romance
Zhang Yingying and Wang recently indirectly confirmed their romance

(Photo Source: Netease News, Yahoo Tw)