Zhang Xinyi defends Lin Chi-ling over stunt double issue

11 Feb – Chinese actress Zhang Xinyi has recently defended Lin Chi-ling against netizens' criticisms, which came after it was revealed that she used a body double for her water ballet performance at CCTV's recently held Lunar New Year Gala.

As reported on Phoenix, the actress, who also watched Lin's performance when it aired on Lunar New Year, stated that there is no need for people to bash the 44-year-old actress for using a professional help.

"Whether it's the beautiful and courageous Lin Chi-ling, or a stunt double who seamlessly connected the picture, they all gave their best performance," she said.

Zhang also stressed that a stunt woman is also a career that should not be compared to others.

"This world is beautiful, and positivity make this world even more beautiful," she added.

Lin's camp previously admitted that the actress did use a body double for her more challenging stunts, but stressed that she did 90 percent of the work herself.

(Photo Source: Zhang Xinyi Weibo)