Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fulfils a six-year promise from Breath of the Wild

 Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Toto Lake
Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Toto Lake

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom actually fulfils a six-year promise from Breath of the Wild.

In the original 2017 game, Link could approach a bar in Gerudo Town, once he'd successfully infiltrated the village. At this bar, Link would be told he wasn't quite old enough to have a drink dubbed the 'Noble Pursuit,' but he could always try again once he'd grown up in a few years.

Now, in 2023, it's actually been a fair few years since Breath of the Wild, and the same Gerudo bar actually upholds its promise to Link. As the Zelda subreddit user below uncovered, should Link head back to that same bar manned by Furosa, he can actually obtain a special 'Noble Pursuit' fruit juice.

That's a "popular" fruit juice with a "tropical flavor," to be precise. We're not quite sure why Link had to wait six odd years to be able to purchase a simple fruit juice, but perhaps there's more to this smash-hit drink than we're lead to believe. It's picture in the image above looks pretty funky, upon closer inspection.

"You can even make it. Check the recipe," one Reddit user chimes in underneath the original post. "Wait… what’s the legal drinking age in Gerudo Town?" wonders another user. "I guess the ripe old age of grown up."

It's worth remembering Link and Zelda were actually right around 17/18 in Breath of the Wild, so by the time of Tears of the Kingdom, they're no doubt in their early 20s. So yeah, go ahead Link, you've only saved the Kingdom of Hyrule twice over by this point, you go ahead and knock a few tropical fruit juices back.

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