Zarina Anjoulie dismisses rumour of being detained by police

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1 Jul – Zarina Anjoulie has denied rumours that she had been detained for using methamphetamine .

The former actress, who went on Instagram Live recently, made the clarification following a question from a fan, who asked if she was the one mentioned in previous reports.

"I've been at home since yesterday," she simply said.

She then ended the live session temporarily to don her make-up and appeared again soon after, jokingly telling fans that she would use the opportunity instead to do a product review.

"Since my name is going viral right now, let me just do an IG review and help others. That would be more beneficial," she stated.

The social media influencer uses the unwanted attention to review a product
The social media influencer uses the unwanted attention to review a product

She later wrote on Instagram Story, "I never run away from my problems. I face it head on. I would never close down my Instagram, nor will I shut off the comments. I have nothing to hide from my followers."

Earlier this week, Nilai District Police Superintendent Mohd Fazley Abd Rahman confirmed that a 34 year-old actress had been nabbed in an operation that occurred in a house in Kampung Chalet, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. She was later brought in for early screening, where she was tested positive for methamphetamine.

However, the police gave no information as to the identity of the said actress.

(Photo Source: Zarina Anjoulie Instagram)

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