Zanilia Zhao's father has a reminder about her new drama

2 Dec - While many rejoiced at Zanilia Zhao starring in another drama after "The Story of Xing Fu", the actress revealed that her father was actually worried about it.

In an interview to promote her new drama, "Wild Bloom", the actress revealed that her father's concerned stemmed from her doing "The Story of Minglan" in the past, stating that she was too involved in the character when she was filming it.

"Whenever I spoke to my father during the period of doing the drama, I was a bit 'yin and yang', and it really affected him," she said.

Zanilia said that when her father heard that she was doing another drama, based on A Nai's work, "Bu De Wang Sheng", he decided to send her a message.

"He said that the relationship between the father and the daughter in this drama is not very good. 'I hope you won't get too involved', he said," she revealed.

In the new drama, Zanilia's character Xu Banxia is revealed to be independent and tough, as she receives no love from her father after his wife died giving birth to her. The drama co-stars Ou Hao, Li Guangjie, and Liu Wei among others.

The actress took her role too seriously in 'The Story of Minglan'
The actress took her role too seriously in 'The Story of Minglan'

(Photo Source: HK01, Netease News)