Zanilia Zhao to star in "Legend of Fei"

17 Sep – After much speculations, it was finally confirmed that Zanilia Zhao's comeback series will be a costume drama called "Legend of Fei".

As reported on ET Today, the news was announced on the show's official Weibo account with a poster of the said series that was captioned, "Hello, Zhou Fei" - tagging Zanilia on the post.

The studio also revealed Wang Yibo as the lead actor by adding another poster with the male character, captioning it "Hello Xie Yun" and tagging him as well.

"Legend of Fei" is an adaptation of a 2016 wuxia novel, which tells the story of Zhou Fei, a daughter of a prominent family who embarks on a journey with Xie Yun, a man who once saved her life when she was younger.

The drama will begin filming on 16 September.

Zanilia had been on hiatus since the middle of 2018. This will be her first drama since tying the knot with Feng Shaofeng and giving birth to their first baby.

(Photo Source: ET Today)