Zaiton Sameon entertains fans with TikTok video during the floods

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20 Dec – While the floods that had impacted several Malaysian states have been devastating to many, forcing thousands to evacuate their homes, former singer Zaiton Sameon still finds humour in her situation - being one of the many whose house was awash during the weekend.

On 18 December, the '80s superstar shared a TikTok video of her lounging on a slab of cement while holding an umbrella, surrounded by flood water, calmly miming her own popular song, "Kabut Serangkai Mawar" - much to followers' amusement and delight.

When asked about her situation following the post, Zaiton stated that her family home in Kapar was flooded around 3am that morning after continuous rainfall.

Zaiton Sameon has been selling her own brand of rendang
Zaiton Sameon has been selling her own brand of rendang

"Luckily, I was living with my adopted brother and his family, so we were able to move our things. We didn't get to save the refrigerator that I use to keep my rendang though, because it was too heavy," she said.

It is noted that Zaiton has been selling the said Negeri Sembilan delicacy, which she called Rendang Nasib.

As for the said TikTok video, the singer said that it was simply a way for her to entertain.

(Photo Source: Zaiton Sameon Instagram)

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