Zack Snyder Teases Doomsday's Role in 'Justice League'

Doomsday makes his appearance in the ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ trailer

DC Comics fans were left a little stunned by the major character reveal in the recent Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer — but director Zack Snyder assures fans there are still many surprises ahead. The trailer gave us a first look at the March 25 film’s big villain, the monstrous killer Doomsday (created in the film by Lex Luthor from the corpse of Man of Steel villain Zod). In a conversation with The Daily Beast, Snyder said that he strategized carefully with Warner Bros. to drop the Doomsday bomb at exactly the right time.

“We had a long conversation about just taking ownership of that, of giving it to the audience in a controlled way that I felt was consistent with the escalation of the campaign,” said the director. And as for the idea they’ve given the whole movie away? “I know what’s in the movie, so I know there’s other stuff,” he told The Beast.

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But he also hinted that Doomsday, who temporarily “killed” Superman in a 1992 comics storyline, wasn’t the worst thing that Batman and Superman would be up against. “In a weird way, Justice League is the next step for these characters to form a bigger team,” said Snyder, referring to the two-part saga that will feature all of DC’s big-screen heroes. “Maybe there’s a bigger enemy to fight.”

The director noted that Doomsday has “his own mythology,” and suggested that it would play into future superhero films.  “To us it really made sense to give [Doomsday] to the audience now,” he explained. “I really wanted to make the audience a promise that… though I’m super excited and happy and fulfilled by the conflict of Batman and Superman, there’s also a bigger world to start to think about.”

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Snyder also promised that the Warner Bros./DC films would come together into a single “coherent universe,” with the filmmakers behind the upcoming Suicide Squad (2016), Wonder Woman (2017), Justice League Part 1 and 2 (2017 and 2019), The Flash (2018), Aquaman (2018), and so forth all following Snyder’s map. “I think that makes the experience a little more satisfying because we know where we’re going, he said, “so the misdirects can be stronger and the reveals can be bigger.”

Watch the ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ trailer: