Zac Efron 'Struggling With Swimming' In Baywatch Movie


Surely ‘strong swimmer’ would have been on the casting call for the new 'Baywatch’ movie.

But perhaps, much like most actors claim they can ride a horse then learn on the job, it appears that Zac Efron may be struggling with one of the key skills of the life guard.

An insider on the set of the rebooted big screen version of the 90s series has spilled the beans on Efron’s proficiency in the drink.

Former star of the Baywatch TV series David Chokachi, who played Cody Madison, but is not in the new movie, told E! News: “Nothing against Zac, but I heard he’s got a little struggle going on with his affiliation with the ocean.

“He’s having a little trouble, let’s put it that way.

“People think, 'Oh, we’re gonna go swim in the ocean’. But it’s different. If you’re actually going to portray a lifeguard, there’s a lot going on - how you enter the water, how you get to a victim.

“You gotta be legit or you’re gonna look like crap on TV.”


Shooting started on the Florida set on Monday this week, with star Dwayne 'The Rock’ Johnson posting a few snaps from the set, including some with his co-star Efron.

There have also been some shots of the new swimwear the Baywatch patrol will be wearing, a more demure range than the high-riding suits of the Pamela Anderson/Yasmin Bleeth era.


The movie, which sounds like it could be going for a more '21 Jump Street’ type vibe, is due out next May.

The Rock has been giving some insight into the relationship between his character Mitch – played originally by David Hasselhoff – and Efron’s character Matt Brody.

“'The greatest of cinematic teams always start off with conflict - which is why my character can’t stand this pr**k.

“And he hates me too. But we share one common goal: Protect the Bay. #BAYWATCH #Rescue2 #WaitTilYouSeeRescue1 #OceanOGs.”

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Image credits: Famefly/Instagram