Yumiko Cheng films reality show with daughter Avery

13 Sep - Yumiko Cheng recently revealed that she has joined a mainland reality show about parenting as a way to spend time with daughter Avery.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer who spoke a bit about the show recently at a design competition, shared that she and Avery had a lot of fun doing the programme, which was also filmed on her birthday on 6 September.

"It was an interesting birthday. I experienced how to be a shepherd, milking the goat, and fishing," she enthused.

Yumiko also stated that the experience has brought her and Avery closer to each other.

"She used to treat me more like a sister or an assistant before, now after the show, she wants to be with me all the time," she joked.

When asked if she and Avery received a lucrative payment for their appearance, Yumiko stated that the price is just right.

As to whether she is worried about her show being cancelled, after it was rumoured that China's censorship is halting shows that overexposes child stars, Yumiko said that she is unsure if shows like "Where Are We Going, Dad?" is being cancelled or not, but that she is still shooting as usual.

(Photo Source: Yumiko Cheng Instagram)