Yu Zheng denies writing Chen Xiao and Zanilia Zhao's love story

9 Jan – Producer Yu Zheng recently denied speculations that he was insinuating the past rumoured romance between Chen Xiao and Zanilia Zhao in his recent Weibo post talking about a new project.

As reported on HK01, the issue sparked earlier this week, when the Chinese producer revealed that he is in the middle of writing a script for a modern series based on a real event.

He stated, "[In the story], a man and a woman connected after working as the leads in a drama and developed feelings for each other. The woman loved the man so much that he felt suffocated. She became more popular, while the man remained in the same level no matter how much he tried. In the end, they ended the relationship."

"Years later, both parties started their own families. But one day, while he was drunk, the man confessed to his friends that he had always loved this woman, but that he was very young and immature back then," he added.

Although Yu named nobody in the post, netizens immediately suggested that it was about Chen and Zanilia, whom worked together in "Legend of Lu Zhen" in 2013 and seemed to have developed chemistry with each other onscreen and off-screen.

It is noted that Chen is now married to Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen, while Zanilia registered her marriage with Feng Shaofeng in 2018. Both parties already have a child of their own.

Following the speculations, the producer deleted the previous post and clarified himself, saying that he was not even thinking of the two actors while writing it.

"All I wanted to do was introduce [new actress] Zhang Nan, but the comments were out of hand. I knew people will start digging for it, so I quickly deleted it. I'm sorry if this has brought unnecessary inconvenience, but please don't blame me. I didn't even think about that," he wrote.

(Photo Source: hk01)

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